Friday, July 5, 2013



How do you spell 'love'?" - Piglet
"You don't spell feel it." - Pooh”


Meet Tabitha Twitchett, she is a stray that has lived in our yard sleeping under the house or under the old church next door, I remember her being there when we still had our cat Tippy ( who died 4 years ago) Tabitha is a very timid cat who would take off and hide as soon as she saw you...... this photo was taken with the zoom on my camera so she did not know I was near. I stopped feeding the sparrows when I realized I had a hunter on the property and as we have had no mice around the place I give her the credit.
 Tabitha's story takes a change this year, December was very dry and by late January we had drought conditions, I was very surprised when gardening that Tabitha came quite close to me crying and I realized  as I had not been able to water the garden there were no puddles anywhere for her to drink. We have always not feed stray cats leaving them to live off the land but as you can guess a few days after putting a water bowl out for her I weakened and left a little food, for this I was rewarded with her company when ever I worked in the garden close, but not too close.

To jump my story forward, Tabitha is now living with me, slowly she has let herself become friendly, she must at sometime been someones pet as she is  clean and house trained  and a very loving cat. She knew what the cat door was... tapping on it to have it unlocked when she was brave enough to venture in. Now she is here all the time never far away from me, although still very timid with visitors....... and my camera.    The lovely photo below was taken as you see when she was asleep on the chair by the fire.  And I am enjoying having her company in the house.

More embroidery news next time.

 Happy Independence day to all my American blogging friends.