Saturday, September 29, 2012


I could not wait to share this with you all, really wanted to photograph it outside hanging from a tree but as it is too windy had to settle for hanging it from one of my flowering baskets on the back porch.
It is a gift from Ann who brought it down for me on her recent visit I  have no idea who the designer is but it is a real delight, and beautifully stitch and put together. Thank you Ann


Friday, September 28, 2012

P.I.F. post has arrived

It is always good news when one hears that something has arrived safely by post and I have now heard that both the " Pay if forward" items have arrived. Posted on the same day  but to two different countries the first to arrive was  this little heart sent to Mouse of Tales of a Stitching Mouse.   I was surprised how quickly it arrived.
In Autumn tonings, the fabric is soft apricot Belfast linen and I managed to find some Chameleon Perle threads for the Roses.   There are always plenty of pinks to be had but good apricots and reds are harder to find in the perle threads that I like for the bullion stitch roses.
Just when I wondered if the 2nd one had gone astray in the post I received word from Evelyn of EEF's Needle..... that it had safely arrived. This one is stitched on linen that has been dyed with a fruit tea and  that has given it a pink blush, again stitched with Chameleon Perle threads. These threads are hand dyed and come from South Africa and there are a lovely range of shades.
I have notced too that the number of followers for my blog has increased, welcome to the new ones,
I hope you will visit often and find something you enjoy reading about here.
 Have a good day everyone with plenty of stitching.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


If he could claim air points this little Bunny will have done well.l as far as I have been able to trace he started his travels in America then popped over to England returning to America he moved around that country at least three times, then Annette of California Stitcher sent him to visit Bea in Canada, from there he came away down south to New Zealand. He is going to do a couple of more visits in New Zealand and will be ready to fly off again at the end of the month. If you would like to receive this travelling pattern leave a message on this posting.
 He comes with a selection of threads and bits he has collected on the way, I have however stitched him with silks from my odds and ends box. and plan to mount him as a fob on this green material.

Now some good news-
Pay it forward.
Pay It Forward (PIF)~ verb: "1. to repay the good deeds one has received by doing good things for other unrelated people
March 29th 2011 I announced who was to receive my PIF Challenge. The rules were that I had 365 days in which to fulfill my part of the challenge and will do my best to stitch pieces that are quite special and sent to 3 further people.. Then if you are chosen as one of my PIF recipients, once you have received something from me then you must offer the same on your blog to keep the kindness going.
Those following my blog will know that within a few months of that posting life here was turned upside down firstly with the flooded room that took some months to restore to normal and then by my husbands illness, unfortunately I have failed to meet the commitment of 365 days  but I  am pleased to say i finally posted out to two PIF's last friday so Mouse from Tales of a Stitching Mouse blog (U.K.) and Evelyne from EEF's needle blog ( France) watch your mail boxes.  hopefully these will arrive next week.
Lilian Pilar from Spain if you are reading this i would still like to send something to you but you have not answered my email asking for a postal address ..I will catch up with Diane from Didi's beaded goodies ( NZ) as she lives here in Stratford.
 Yes thats 4 not 3 but as I only had 4 replies how could you pick only 3.
Last weekend was IHSW and although I did not register this time i did manage to get a small piece stitched and mounted.. will share that at a later date as it is a birthday gift.


Monday, September 3, 2012


  Firstly a big thank you to everyone who has left messages during the past month , they have been much appreciate. we have come through one month with no dramas- no dash trips to emergency dept at hospital. And  today 's blood test was a good reading. Paul is now having blood transfusions every two weeks and although they will not cure the problem ( leukemia) it is hoped that they will improve his quality of life.
 There was one very special moment for me this week... Caitlin our youngest grand daughter turned 15. along with her birthday gift I had added  another little mouse to her embroidery set made for her previously.( This photo is some of her set)

The new piece was a floss ring tag  and  having said thank you grandma for the embroidery she stood there and just  fingered the thread cards I think she knew just how long and how much precious energy  it took her Granddad  to cut them for her, he has also promised her the embroidery thread to put on them but she needs to decide for herself what threads and what colours.

I found floss ring tags through seeing them on peoples blogs and they are one of the most useful things I have and Í now have several. That is just one example of how through the world of blogging one gains new ideas and inspiration.  I do enjoy reading your blogs and seeing what wondeful designs you have found and have stitched. Thank you everyone for your sharing.