Friday, August 24, 2012


The last two weeks have been kinder to us... no sudden dashes to hospital although Paul is down there today, but this is the new programme of fortnightly transfusions. I have managed to finish some pieces. Firstly Stitching friend's challenge was a needle book and I had recently bought the charts ACCEPT THIS POSEY by With my Needle and it adapted nicely for the needle book

 Wish my photo was clearer but it was taken in a rush in poor light as I wanted to pass it on last night at Guild when I knew I would be seeing Naomi who it was stitched for. The chart had a variety of stitches along with cross stitch with some  parts  stitched over 1 thread and the lady's hair was closed herringbone stitch.  The little bird with the rose bud stitched in the corner of the flannel was over one thread, I have not done this before on flannel and was pleased with the results. Another idea tucked away for the future.

Today's mail brought the challenge piece stitched by Lyn for me, what a delight she has made me a needle folder to hold packets of needles, although many miles apart she made just what I needed, my one stitched many years ago is falling apart from all the use it has had.

Its such a special piece,  stitched by a very special friend, we met many many years ago at Bible Class, then made contact again about 25 years . The Message on the flap is one I shared with her some years past. and reads.....

Neatly lightly swiftly sew
Clicking softly as you go
Shining needle none shall be
Ever better friends than we.


Lifting the flap up and you can see the lovely stitched panels of Wessex Stitchery. Lyn was in my very first Wessex class, taught long before you could buy a book on that type of embroidery, she has continued to enjoy stitching and sharing Wessex and I have on earlier posts shown some of her work.
See my posting Nov. 26 2009 for her lovely hussif with Wessex stitchery.

The Flannel under the flap has been dyed to match the outer fabric, and this too is special as both have been dyed by Lyn's daughter Cheryl  who is part of the team at Distressed Threads and are creating wonderful fabrics. see their website here. The colour in this photo is a little light but having had so much trouble getting the computer to up load my photos from the camera I am not going to try again however not going to take another one put the true shade can be seen in the photos above.

 Yesterday I played the DVD of the Pioneers of Stitch Exhibition at the last Embroiderers Conference in July., viewing it on the computer  was excellent and there was  some outstanding pieces to admire, but it seems to have upset some of my settings, hopefully I will get them right again, meanwhile its one of those cool winter days so I am off to sit by the fire and hopefully get a little stitching done.


Saturday, August 11, 2012


A lovely mild day yesterday, and a walk round the garden provided a pleasant surprise with this bunch of miniature daffodils and some winter roses.  Oh! the poor garden is so neglected partly because of the weather but also there are only so many hours in a day. The past month has been a very trying one, with several ups and downs and rushed visits to hospital, it is also taking time to adjust to the changes we have to make to our life style,  Paul's health will never improve however he is now to receive blood transfusions fortnightly and it is hope that these at least will provide some stability
Thank you for all the encouraging comments left on my last posting on the Junior embroiderers successes. The group has now been handed over to Maree and Mary and I know it is in good hands. Caitlin now comes once a week after school and we sit and stitch together, so I will share from time to time what she is doing.  Finding time to stitch has not been easy although I always have something small in my handbag to fill in time waiting for appointments. 

One item of stitching that was finished was for a friend's special birthday, unfortunatly it  was quite late in getting there This tiny pocket is a mon ami Pierre design and I stitched it on 40 count Permin linen using Chameleon Strand threads in the lovely grey-blue shade called Thatch. And my stitchers challenge piece stitched at the same time was one of those small projects that could be carried with me... we did  a small tissue case of the paper pocket tissues. here is mine.

The border design came from Round the World in 80 stitches by Papillion Creations, I have started but not got very far with this project but hopefully now I will get a chance to get back to stitching again. I did stitch for the last IHSW but did not get a chance to post my effort and as the next weekend is not far away I will show my few stitches then.

 I have tried to visit everyones blogs and love reading your news, not been very good at leaving comments special when time has been limited, however hopfully will call on you soon and say Hi.