Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My IHSW started of quite well till I decided  the design was going to be to big on the fabric count I was working on. no problem decided to stitch over one thread on Lugano instead going well TILL I HAD A VISITOR, that very unfriendly fog took over, and result was not one but several rip rip rips. 

And so this is all I have to show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on BBD Wild Garden
After telling unfriendly frog he was not welcome I picked up some other embroidery and all went smoothly but I cant show these yet. hopefully they will be out in the post this week and not too long before I can share. Hope everyone else had a good weekend stitching.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


My sister,Joan and Denis (her husband)  with a friend recently visited Eastwoodhill Aboretum near Gisborne, she shared with me her photos including  these ones of the lovely colours of some of the trees. I was thrilled she shared her photos with me as it will no longer be possible for Paul and I to visit such places where one walks around to enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Thanks to Anntte of California Stitcher (you can visit her here) who sent me Blackbird Designs chart Yellow bird along with lovely chocolate coloured silk and fabric. I am now able to share the chart with others  Now that I have finished stitching the piece the chart will be posted out this week going first to Australia to Lisa in Perth then across the seas to Gracie and Mouse. I hope you all enjoy stitching it as much as I did. her is my finished piece that has yet to be mounted, shown here with the fabric I plan to use. Later when it has arrived at its destination I will share what I made it up as.

I can also share with you what I received for the Stitching Friends Acorn Challenge. This delightful small pocket came from Ann and is beautifully stitched on 40 count linen. It is a real treasure.

This is IHSW weekend and I am about to start a new piece. I have Blackbird designs Wild garden
Nothing to show yet as I still have to put in the first stitch, will report back on progress at the end of the weekend. here is the picture from the chart.

Happy stitching to all taking part in IHSW

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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hi everyone I am posting from my lap top, find it very different from using my computor. I have visited everyones postings but having trouble leaving a messages will get back to saying hi to everyone when my computor comes back, monday I hope, Stitching friend's last challenge was an item on the them of acorn/ acorns that would be useful to an embroiderers. First here is the pocket I stitcht for Heather the design is a freebie  I will give the link later,  I made a stitchers pocket with a needle case on the front. The little squirrel was on the back. From all reports it was avery successful challenge and I hope to share with you what the others stitch later.
Before  mycomputor went away I hurriedly put together this collage of my piece,


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