Monday, December 2, 2019


Shown here is the work in progress for some Christmas decorations, to me these were limited edition, as I only planned to make four. The Nutcrackers was inspired by some needle felted ones I saw on Pinterest,  mine however are made with craft felt and once completed with their hats on are 5 inches tall.
To keep their shape they are made over a  cardboard shape that has wadding sandwiched inside, also a large bead glue on to this to make the nose shape. Fiona found me a feather boa in the $2 shop so I have more than enough white feathers, buttons are metal paper studs from the scrap booking collection and a collection of braids I had been given had just what was needed.
Each took on their own character as they were put together, which added to the fun.
I made them for Fiona, Maree and myself (the Wednesday stitching group) and the fourth one as my gift for the Embroidery Guild Christmas party exchange of gifts. It was also testing out an idea I had for next year.

My fund Raising idea for next year is  One a month club, limited to five members who each agree to buy one decoration a month  for ten months, I had no problem signing up 5 people and also no problem finding ideas. By the time I stitch one first to work out the finer details of the design its six to make each time and that' s enjoyable (or so I think) I will share on my blog and on Instagram each month,  the new decoration.
Eve's stocking is all finished, once I had competed the front Maree stitched it together for me, I no longer have a sewing machine and its only very occasionally that I miss it. 

After the arrival of the new felt supplies I made the mobile for Eve, when they were visiting at the end of October I had some ideas of what I would like to make and left the final selection to Jackie as what she would like for her daughter,and  a bright coloured owl on the moon with pink and silver starsit was to be. Any movement and the stars made with the glitter felt really sparkle.

Caitlin stitched with me yesterday and we added more animals to her tree collection, at this stage we have 11 completed, three more started and hope to have 20 by Christmas time. Caitlin stitched the little deer and I made the bird and the lion.

To finish here is an idea for a Festive desert, I made it for the guild Christmas party no cooking needed... 2 packets of mini cream puffs, some chocolate leaves, easy and fun to do in advance, white icing piped to hold all on place and a few fresh berries to finish.

Am off to do a little Blog hopping and catch up on everyone's news.


gracie said...

You are so creative. Love your ornaments.

Vickie said...

Oh Lee! Your nutcrackers just make me so happy!They are just adorable!! I love them! :)

Rhona said...

Those little nutcrackers are adorable!
I love the dessert idea too....this might be appearing at my Christmas dinner table.....thanks for the idea!