Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Yesterday I put all the decorations that Caitlin and I had made for our "Child's Christmas Collection"  on my little tree. Thrilled with the result, this year it will stay here for Christmas as Ronan is far too little to know what Christmas trees are all about, but after that it will  belong to Caitlin  and Ronan as a set that he will be able to put on a tree. Need to add one more to make the set the planned 18, as I have rejected one that looked out of place with the rest of the set, so think the last one will be a penguin. Some of these have been inspired by what we found on pinterest others are my own designs, all have been fun to make 

Do I have a favourite ?      Do you ?


gracie said...

You out did it this time...adorable!!! I love them all but that cow is so cute.

Vickie said...

What a fabulous heirloom you created Lee! I am not sure but my favorite might be the turtle. :)