Thursday, September 17, 2020


I am currently stitching the final decorations for the "1 a Month Club", each month apart from the occasional one for myself I have stitched just five decorations  for those who joined the club and committed to buy 1 a month for 10 months.  This has been my fund raiser for church instead of doing a stall at the church fair as I did in the past two years. I am grateful for the support I have had from five friends which meant I was sure of raising the amount I set out to do.

Here are the ones from the past nine months. I have been asked about the pattern for the Robin on the jingle bell.  there isn't one !,   My method of working is to cut the pieces as I think they should be, make one up making adjustments as I go, then once I am happy with the results, repeat using the improvements I made. The only one shown above that I used a pattern was the Owl, I just loved Whimsylandia's owl brooches so bought the pattern on Etsy and it was perfect for my wreath design.

I have some ideas for next years project and will share when I have finalised my plans, wont be committing myself to too much stitching as there is always other projects to stitch as well.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Ready to be collected, this month decoration was fun to plan and create, I had bought the large jingle-bells last December but had not really a plan how I  would use them. I do have a weakness for robins and they proved to be just the perfect idea of what to sit on the bell. I love how each one is a little different and takes on its own character.

I used two different ribbons, not sure which one I like best, and this month made an extra one for myself.


Next month while be the last one for this project as I planned it to just be for 10 months, I need to get on to some Christmas stitching, which will include a Christmas stocking for Ronan, Caitlin and I have talked about some ideas I need to draw up the design for her approval.

Saturday, August 29, 2020


Today is Caitlin's birthday, 23 years ago I was mounting an exhibition of antique embroideries in Coromandel  when I got the call that my second grand daughter had arrived in the world, I was not to know then, that here was the next embroiderer in the family and a fifth generation needlewoman. We have been able to share the love of stitching together from when she first started stitching at the age of five. Last year we stitched together  a collection of animal decorations,  and I shared this photo at the end of the year.
we had managed to stitch 17 and planned to add just one more, then the plans changed. Caitlin decided they would be great as an Advent activity with Ronan add one a day to the Christmas tree during December, so more were needed, another 7 in fact plus a star for December 25th. I have stitched the seven needed and added them to her birthday present. When I checked my photo's just now I find I did not take a photo of the penguin so here are the other six.

the rooster

and the hen

                                                                      a koala Bear



                                                                        Sea horse.

Next birthday in the family is Rachel's and she has requested some Christmas decorations... cats. for her tree which is silver blue and white theme. and its time to make a list of my Christmas  stitching for the three wee ones. I am blessed that I am still able to keep my needle busy. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020


I think my favourite set of peg dolls at this stage is the .... four seasons. Each of these ones has a little embroidery on the costume.

Spring.... as you can see has a daisy theme.

Summer... the dress is Liberty fabric  and there are Bullion stitch roses on the cloak and hat.

Autumn... along with the autumn tones of the braid,  leaves and berries decorate the cloak.

Winter... all rugged up for the cold weather... what we have here today with forecast for tomorrow even colder. the  dress is a tiny piece of embroidery left over from another project.

Now I am working on my challenge doll.... 

Sunday, August 2, 2020


I had lots of fun creating this month's decoration, I had been given some lovely large walnut shells, these I cleaned and bleached before using clear nail varnish on the outside and a dark red one inside,  my little mouse which I have made many of over the years was the perfect size to sit in the shell. What you can't see  is the two extra leaves, one going under the mouse and the other at the back that were glued to the shell to hold the decoration of leaves and beads in place.

I am also having fun with blogger  the layout has suddenly changed  and frustration I can't do as I want, so posting this before I lose it and will experiment more on my next post.


Monday, July 20, 2020


I have shown sunshine before, but now meet my full set of weather folk..






 How is the weather at your place. Have a nice day.

Saturday, July 4, 2020


My  "1  a Month Club "decorations are finished ready for collection .  This is my snowy Owl.    I bought the Owl pattern from  Whimsylandia on Etsy. She has several owls brooches patterns and they were the right size for my project, yes I would like to make more. The white leaves are glitter felt the photo does not show their sparkle and the wreath is made from the Chocolate plant vines  Do you know it ?

At present I am working a set of weather folk, using  wooden, peg dolls here is the first one- Sunshine. This  one would be the right one for today, its a bright sunny winters day here, the mountain got a good blanket of snow this week  so looks like the photo on my header, it has meant that it has been very cold, but guess that's what we expect in winter. The ski field is now open so there will be people up there enjoying the lovely day which is a change from all the stormy weather we have had.

We have also been given the challenge from guild to dress a peg doll, the completed item must have some embroidery on the outfit. and they will be judged by popular vote at our November Christmas dinner.  As always I have too many ideas so will do a couple of outfits to decide which I like best. Have seen some lovely ones on Pinterest, there are some very clever craft people.

I am not sure if I blame lockdown for upsetting my calendar plans or maybe I should admit to being a little absent minded in my old age, but my blog anniversary slipped by last month, and I have not even thought about it! 
I now have to go away and think about what I can make for the special person I will honour from my blog friends to commemorate my 11th Anniversary. Thank you all who read and follow my ramblings,
I have decided to select the person who has commented the most times during the past year.....  and that is...       Vickie from a Stitcher's Story . 
Vickie has also been following my blog for the past 8 years, joining in about the time I share making the little hearts, Did you ever get one made Vickie or should I make one to include in the parcel? 

Hope everyone is staying safe and if in lockdown still able to get plenty of stitching time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


I  made a unicorn cake topper.... because I could ! 
I wanted to have a play with the left over fondant from doing Ronan's cake  and after watching a video  this is the result. Would love an excuse to make another one as I think I could do better, with the head.

What has Kaytu's attention ?  I am taking photos of my latest work in progress, and I know what she is thinking.... which one shall I grab first. This cat is a thief and my stitching is never safe and often pieces are rescued from her mouth. I am making a game for Finn and Eve, match the birds to their houses, it will be an easy game for Finn but will take Eve a while I think. I plan to make another harder one for Finn next.

My little thief keeps bringing items home, not sure where she goes as there are only two houses on this block the rest is parkland, and she never seems to be away for long.  To add to the game last night she kept bringing wetas in quite large ones and as fast as I rescued and put them outside she would find another one. 

Hope everyone is keeping well and safe in this worrying times.

Sunday, June 7, 2020


This is the first birthday cake for Ronan made by his grandmother and his great grandmother, we had lots of fun planning the cake and I worked on the decorations , then on Friday Jan came over and put the fondant on the cake and we put it all together.
 Birthday tea on the Saturday afternoon, he was too little to enjoy how the cake looked but think he thought it tasted great. His mum, Caitlin loved it, we had not told her what we had planned so she could have a surprise.


Tuesday, June 2, 2020


The decorations for April and May have finally been collected now that we have moved to Level 2 here in NZ, and here is June's decoration ready for collection. I made some similar decorations a few years ago and was pleased with how they looked so decided the shape was worth repeating.             

Of the previous three shown here the dove was my favourite however I did a new design using glitter felt for the background behind the bird. Had planned red beads for the berries but hen the time came I had none the right size or colour  and of course all the shops were shut owing to Covid-19 so French knots it was. 

My two small boys both have birthdays this month, first great grandson Ronan will be 1 yrs  old on the 6th, and grandson Finn will be turning 4 on the 11th. I was asked to paint some letters to make a name plate for Ronan's gift. We were able to buy wooden letters and they came already painted white, Caitlin asked for jungle animals to be the theme and I must admit it is a few years since I had my paint brushes in action, it was fun although I must admit more practice first would have helped.

Jan and I will be icing the birthday cake and we are doing a Winnie the Pooh theme, I have started modelling some of the pieces, will share with you after the weekend. Finn's gift is being stitched and is work in progress.

Hope everyone is keeping well and keeping safe in this very topsy turvey world.

Thursday, May 14, 2020


The decoration for May is a golden pear, this one went together just as planned and as I liked it so much I made an extra one for myself.  One side of the front of the pear is glitter felt and the other wool felt with beading.'Sadly because of lockdown they are still here along with the April ones and hopefully  they can be collected now restrictions have been eased..

New Zealand has been fortunate in not being hit hard by the covid 19, but it has meant weeks of life within one's bubble. Seniors over 70 years of age were first asked to restrict themselves to staying home and staying safe and as our church congregation are mostly  elderly  services stopped before the country went into lockdown. Our minister organised a phone roster so that no one was left with out a contact and someone to check on them and I with the help of contributions from him and another church member have been able to email a weekly newsletter, last Sundays was number 8, now we have two weeks wait and hopefully we can meet again.

The Easter tree did not last long, Kaytu took the decorations from the lower parts of the tree and I managed to rescue them before any damage was done, not to be put off she then decided to climb the tree to get the rest, at that stage I took them all down. now i am wondering how I can train a very determine cat to let me have something on my little tree. Just think the fun she could have with the big tree at Christmas  time!!
 Shopped for groceries this week, life is slowly going back to normal.

Keep well and keep safe

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Under attack

I am not sure how long my Easter tree will remain, as it is under attack from Kaytu, she has already removed several decorations which fortunately were rescued before any damage was done, then last night there was an attempt to climb the tree, she was behind it and thought I could not see what she was doing. A very mischievous young cat but makes up for it being the one who also likes to cuddle up on my lap and purr. 
So different from her sister, after leaving home and being away for some time Tuppence has come back she is a very pretty tabby and smaller, very quiet and shy by nature and likes to settle to sleep on the other chair beside me... and we are enjoying the quiet life that being isolate brings.

Have been keeping up the stitching on the 1. a month club decorations and am a couple of months ahead. Peppermint Purple's SAL is up to date, but no photo. and my Wednesday piece is making good progress, think Fiona is about a row ahead of me.  I an several rows further on than this photo shows.   This is the third time I have stitched this mat, an easy piece to work on as once started no pattern is needed, just needle thread and scissors.

Hope everyone is keeping well in this very worrying time.