Friday, June 25, 2021


In answer to an email request here is the full Alice in Wonderland collection.
No I did not use a commercial pattern, I read and studied the book, search to see what other people had done on google and Pinterest and then created my own, sometimes doing a sketch first but often creating from what was in my minds eye. They are all about 10-12cm tall. Alice took the longest  dressing her was easy but I had trouble getting the look I wanted for her hair, embroidery threads or wool did not look right then Maree made the suggestion of using  a hair extension. from the $ shop. Not easy to use but it worked great.
Yes I have started on the research for  my next collection the Wizard of Oz 


Friday, June 18, 2021




I finished my last posting saying I was about to make a tiny fairy for a little girl to carry around

Here is the  tiny  Fairy that flew down to Wellington, well actually she went by plane. Barryn had flown up to spend the Weekend with me and I packed up the fairy in a box and sent it home with him for Eve. I am not sure what was the biggest delight getting her own fairy or having a surprise arrive in a tiny box as I understand she has since asked  if daddy was going to see granny and bring back another box!

I have not achieved much in the past month , its been one of those upside down months. I did finish these Peter Rabbit Finger Puppets. Ronan turned two on June 6th and a Peter Rabbit theme party was planned with his cousins Finn and Eve from Wellington who were here staying with granny that weekend..

and I have made the decorations for the top of the cake. Peter Rabbit of course

I have several dresses for Rebecca rabbit to photograph and post on the other side of the mountain, and am now stitching for a new project........ meet Rosie. she is a blythe doll 

Its rather fun to be stitching  for a doll once again,  when the grand daughters now in their 20's were young I made lots of outfits for their Bratz dolls, and years before that Cindy clothes for my daughter and of course I had my own doll to using for fitting the clothes, This is the first time I have had a jointed doll making posing for photos a lot more interesting. The outfits are all stitched by hand   I find hand stitching very relaxing and don't miss my sewing machine.  Looking to the future by the time Rosie goes to be with Eve she should have a large wardrobe, but that's a few years down the track as Eve is only two and a half.
 yes I have still found time to do some embroidery and will share my latest project  a birthday gift when it arrives at its destination..

Hope everyone one is keeping well and safe in their part of the world, and not still confined with many restrictions.


Thursday, May 6, 2021


 I have borrowed Jan's stick tree to display the Alice in Wonderland collection, as I want to take it to Regional day on Saturday. It does not look as good in the photo as it does in  the real thing.

and getting them all to hang as I wanted was tricky, here is Maree making adjustments, paper clips helped.

The newest ones finished are Alice and the Cheshire cat.

looking at the tree I could add one more, before it is displayed next, probably doing Book Week at Jan's school. 

What next, I really enjoyed making the set and although I have some ideas for other books, I think I will look towards making another set and the Wizard of Oz has plenty of scope for ideas. so wait and see. meanwhile its Peter Rabbit Finger puppets for the goodies bags for Ronan's second birthday. Caitlin and I have lots of ideas for the birthday cake too.

............... and there is a little girl who loves fairies, so this Granny plans to make her  one to carry around.

Monday, April 12, 2021


 Rebecca Cottontail wearing her new dress, this past month I have had a delightful time creating more small dresses, I will put the collection on my other blog soon.

After a week of heavy rain, the sun came out for Good Friday and was very welcome for the 100 folk who did the walk between the churches for the Way of the Cross Easter Walk. and some lovely autumn weather followed, while i have mostly been stitching small dresses  which are lots of fun, i added this little bunny to the Etui for Eve.
Kept stitching the guild Wessex stitchery project, trying to keep one month ahead  along with having the notes ready for each guild meeting. it is interesting seeing the different colour selections.

And to prove I do manage some serious stitching as well here is the piece that was finished earlier in the year and sent to Vickie as a rather belated blog anniversary thank you gift .I managed to get it into a large envelope and avoided parcel post. Sadly the cost of postage as increased dramatically  making sharing and sending small embroidered gifts  beyond my budget. That makes me sad as I look back over the years and can recall the fun of sharing stitching with other embroiderers.

A gentle reminder from a friend that I was neglecting my blog prompted me to rescue this posting which has been sitting partly written. Will try to do better next month. Meanwhile my blogging friends stay safe and have some good stitching time.

Monday, March 8, 2021



I ended last  month s stitching with one more for my Alice in Wonderland Collection. Sue knew I was looking for a tiny pocket watch and she called in to show me what she had, this one is just perfect thank you Sue. Alice and the Cheshire cat sill to come but need to wait for the right inspiration and materials.

I am currently stitching a piece for the regional Exhibition later in the year, also Wessex stitchery as a guild project and a Faby Reilly piece with Fiona each Wednesday morning. Along with that I have started Christmas stitching, first up with some tiny dresses for the folk in Eve's dolls house. I have brought to life my other blog ...other side of the mountain  ..see here to record the petite dress making project. Short posting this time as Rebecca Rabbit is waiting for the fitting for her latest dress.

Saturday, February 13, 2021


I had seen advertised on line a " High Tea necklace" made with tiny enameled teacups. and to my delight I found a much cheaper version, my order took 5 weeks to get here  but proved to be well worth the wait. Table and food borrowed from the doll's house so the mad hatter could invite the March Hare to tea.

 Next month after my visitors come and go I think I will put the Christmas tree up in the unit as I do want to see what they all look like hanging on the tree, and by then I will have added to the collection.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021


 I was given some lovely yarn, very fine alpaca and silk blend, beautiful to handle it is so very soft. Tried it out as a wig on a peg doll and was pleased with the result,  and that led to my completing the doll, decided to make the Duchess to add to the Alice in Wonderland collection. I wanted her to be a little matronly to be different from the Queen of Hearts. And for a while there was a problem of her baby who turned into a pig until I found a pig button in my button tin and it worked perfectly. 

I have been asked how big are these decorations, so to give you some idea I dook this photo with a marker pen, the pen is 5 1/2 inches or 14cm 

I must leave Alice in Wonderland for a while, yes there are more characters I want to add but need to wait till after my next felt order. For this month February I have quite a different book in mind,
My daughter Jan has quite a big collection of children's books, including those from my childhood  her fathers and then her own and I noticed a few of her brothers there too along with what she has added for her daughters when they were younger. I am enjoying re reading children's books again as I research details for my decorations.
What did you enjoy reading when you were a child?
Keep safe  and have a good month 

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


 One more for my Alice in Wonderland collection.
The Mad Hatter's tea party ends with as Alice left,   she looked back to see they (the Mad Hatter and March Hare) were trying to put the Dormouse into the teapot, and no doubt that would have been head first! But I decided to let my Dormouse sit up in the teapot instead. I will add to the Alice in Wonderland collection later when I have ordered more felt.

Meanwhile I have decided on a different book for next month, and am currently researching the dress for the characters. more about this next time when I hope to have photos to share.

Guild has started for the year and our first project  we will be stitching a needle folder, with Wessex stitchery on it. This one was made for me by my friend Lyn and she has given the guild permission to copy her design.  About ten years ago on my blog  I shared some of the lovely Wessex pieces Lyn had stitched, she was in the very first workshop that I taught on Wessex stitchery away back in the early1990's and over the years since she has stitched many pieces, and in turn has taught many people this work.

To all my blogging friends may you stay safe and keep well.

Saturday, January 16, 2021


My absence from blogging has been because till now  my photos would not come up to transfer across from the computer, the iPad or my phone, Very frustrating!!!!!
 Then tonight reluctantly the computer brought them over but as soon as I tried  to re arrange them they all disappeared and it was back to the start again, hopefully this time they will stay, and I wont risk trying to put them in the correct order.

I have decided this year to work toward a story book tree for myself.  It started  the book Alice in Wonderland and with the Mad Hatter, it took four attempts before I manage to make him a hat that I was happy with, he is not quite complete have ordered a tiny tea cup for him and need to make him a piece of bread.        While working on these characters I re read my old copy of Alice in Wonderland  and found I really enjoyed the clever use of language in the story, ,I wonder as a child did I really  follow how clever the writing was or was I just caught up in the story's adventures.  I note now that the characters are not describe in too much detail and so the readers imagines them for themselves, in this I have possibly been too kind to the Queen of Hearts, my one does not look as if she is about to scream Off with their heads! I had the White Rabbit all finished as he appears at the Court and went back to the book to discover the brief opening description of him was a white rabbit with pink eyes! I will possibly make him  again when I can find a pocket watch small enough as these are only 12cm high. Alice will come later I need to wait till I put in my next felt order first.


Now before it all disappears again like the Cheshire Cat I will hit the publish button.
I hope for all the new year of 2021 has started well even if you are one of those in the world that are housebound because of the restrictions.

Monday, December 21, 2020


This year it was a Christmas stocking for Ronan, I was able to get the same material that I had used for both Finn and Eve's stockings  and Caitlin asked for a jungle animals theme , so here they are putting the lights on the Christmas tree. Fiona found some parcel tie that had miniature  Christmas lights on it so was just perfect. As the stocking has already gone ready to be filled for Christmas day, I made another gift for Ronan that Caitlin does not know about.

I have the book "Dear Zoo" and have made a set of finger puppets to match the story. I did the same for Finn when he was younger. 

This Christmas for Finn I have made a Tic Tac Toe set  of knights and dragons using the smaller peg dolls.

We played Tic Tac Toe together when he visited in October, and its interesting how a four year old can invent variations on the game. and for Eve.......

 Goldilocks and the Three Bears finger puppets, and the cottage is the box to store them in.

I hope they all have as much fun playing with these as this Granny had making them. We have always included something hand made in the Christmas gifts, first  for our own children and now for the grandchildren and great grand child.

I have not put the Christmas tree up here this year, I fear it would not take Kaytu long to strip it of the decorations... so this year it is at Church as a message tree  for prayers and blessings, I drove past the other night and the inner doors of the church were open and the tree was lit up . looking lovely. will try and get a photo. before Christmas

Hope your Christmas preparations are going smoothly, and in this very difficult time for many, you are able in some way to share the Blessings of Christmas with your family.


Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Wednesday was a day of memories, mostly happy treasured ones. It was 8 years since Paul died and I am ever grateful and blessed for all the years we shared together. Fiona was here, as Wednesday mornings is the time each week when we get together to stitch, however no stitching this time, instead I  opened up the dolls house.. the real one for her to visit.

My dolls house is a large to scale late Victorian house which Paul built for me in the 1990's and together we decorated and furnished it.

It has been a while since I opened up the dolls house, turned the lights on and visited with the family that live there. Looking at all the furnishings  I was reminded of all the planning and time Paul and I had spent together bringing this house of my dreams into reality. Fiona and I
spent quite a while enjoying the house and its contents, I really must do that more often

I have posted more details about it a few years ago on my other blog the other side of the mountain if you would like to see more follow the link here  there are several postings showing close up photos.

Mt Christmas stitching is almost completed I will share photos when I next post. meanwhile I hope your Christmas plans will not be to changed by the covid impact on the world.