Friday, June 18, 2021




I finished my last posting saying I was about to make a tiny fairy for a little girl to carry around

Here is the  tiny  Fairy that flew down to Wellington, well actually she went by plane. Barryn had flown up to spend the Weekend with me and I packed up the fairy in a box and sent it home with him for Eve. I am not sure what was the biggest delight getting her own fairy or having a surprise arrive in a tiny box as I understand she has since asked  if daddy was going to see granny and bring back another box!

I have not achieved much in the past month , its been one of those upside down months. I did finish these Peter Rabbit Finger Puppets. Ronan turned two on June 6th and a Peter Rabbit theme party was planned with his cousins Finn and Eve from Wellington who were here staying with granny that weekend..

and I have made the decorations for the top of the cake. Peter Rabbit of course

I have several dresses for Rebecca rabbit to photograph and post on the other side of the mountain, and am now stitching for a new project........ meet Rosie. she is a blythe doll 

Its rather fun to be stitching  for a doll once again,  when the grand daughters now in their 20's were young I made lots of outfits for their Bratz dolls, and years before that Cindy clothes for my daughter and of course I had my own doll to using for fitting the clothes, This is the first time I have had a jointed doll making posing for photos a lot more interesting. The outfits are all stitched by hand   I find hand stitching very relaxing and don't miss my sewing machine.  Looking to the future by the time Rosie goes to be with Eve she should have a large wardrobe, but that's a few years down the track as Eve is only two and a half.
 yes I have still found time to do some embroidery and will share my latest project  a birthday gift when it arrives at its destination..

Hope everyone one is keeping well and safe in their part of the world, and not still confined with many restrictions.



Gabi said...

Very nice. You really got a very talented hand.
I like the little ones.

Vickie said...

The fairy and Peter(s) are precious. You will have such fun with Rosie I can see! :)

gracie said...

Hello.?I have been media absent for a bit. So lovely to visit you and admire your skills. Just love your Alice collection. Thanks for brightening my day.