Thursday, July 7, 2011


As promised I would share something of my trip to Coromandel for the Coromandel Embroiderers Guild Retreat. Coromandel from here is about five and a half hours travel.  Paul and I traveled up on the Wednesday before, to be able to have time with Colleen who we were staying with and Ann came over to stay as well so there was extra sharing time. When ever Ann and I manage a short time together we try to fit in a special project, last time it was the pomegranate fobs, and the time before that we did the pincushions.

This time we planned to stitch the delightful little bell  SAL "Winter's Tale"seen on Kalina's blog- if you want to see the photo visit her blog and you will find it on the right hand side of the page.  Ann started her piece, unfortunately I arrived in Coromandel with a cold and a drippy nose so no stitching for me for the first couple of days. I will however finish it.

 The Guild Retreat started on the Friday night at Tangiaro Kiwi Retreat at Port Charles. Port Charles is an hours drive north from Coromandel and this is the first time the retreat had been held there. we arrive at 5.30pm and as it is winter here, it was getting dark and to add to that it was a cold damp evening, so I was delighted to go in to my lodge to find it lovely and warm with a fire going .

Tangiaro Kiwi Retreat is set in the bush, a lovely peaceful area, we enjoyed not only the very comfortable lodges but the wonderful meals, and for those of us who normal don't eat morning  and afternoon teas- the temptation was too much!. Some of the ladies took advantage after class of the Spa or had a massage.
The damp weather prevent the evening bush walk to see the Kiwis, however one of our guild members who lives near by came in to talk about the work being done in the area to save these very special birds.
If you want to see more visit

Ann and I, as Tutors each had our own lodge, what luxury!  During the day the living area in each of our lodges were used for the classes. My class ended up being very small, but we still had a lot of fun. I was sharing with them how to make one of my pocket bags, Pocket for Titania .

This is the start of Heather's bag she chose Christmas for her theme, I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece.
I took all my little pocket bags up for the workshop to give different ideas and started a new pocket  something quite different I will share this with you in another posting.

I would love to go back up there again sometime and relax in those lovely surroundings. and have been dropping LARGE hints!!

 I'm off now to sit by the fire and stitch.


Lynn B said...

Hi Lee,

Sounds like you had a wonderful time teaching and stitching, just wish I could have been there in such a lovely setting!

pam said...

what a wonderful retreat. I am sure it was very refreshing even with a cold. The pocket bags look beautiful as do the fobs.