Sunday, August 1, 2010


I am very excited at being able to share some Wessex Stitchery done by several of my friends

Firstly a tiny piece from one of the Junior Embroiderers in the group that meet each week,
the four older girls working with Maree have all completed a a small block with "Steepholm stitch " and are now working on a second piece. They are really enjoying this type of stitching and having a
wider variety of threads to work with.
The four younger girls are working on canvas work with me and one  lass keeps refering to her thread
as String!

Joycelyn from Christchurch in the South Island attended the very first class I taught on Wessex Stitchery (1997) and who has had a love affair with Wessex ever since, sent me some photos a while back but as the piece I really loved was part of a set she had sent to the National exhibition I have had to wait untill now to show it to you, and of course I saw it in the exhibition. Part of a set of pin cushions all stitched in Wessex Stitchery  her 15 sided biscornu is a really lovely piece.
Joycelyn was also in my last class at conference and she shared with me her album ... Her Wessex Journey a record of all the pieces she had stitched. Truly the pupil has surpassed the teacher.

At conference my very good friend Ann taught a workshop  " Wessex Draw String Workbag"  her first bag that she had taught several time (I have shared photos of it a while ago on my blog) was very popular and she designed a new one for this workshop. The colours are really lovely in this piece however in the workshop everyone was able to make their own colour choice..

And from Mary Joan in Sheffield England comes some pieces that show how lovely varigated threads looks in this work. Mary Joan's Wessex stitchery was featured in " New Stitches" magazine in March of this year.

Now across the seas in a different direction from Hilton in South Africa, Rhoda has sent some of her Wessex
work  Rhoda hasbeen stitching Wessex since 2002 and recently taught it at her Embroiderers Guild. 
There has been some much lovely work shared with me, that it has been very hard to keep it to only two photos from each person.  I hope seeing all this might inspire someone else to try this work too.



Rowyn said...

All such beautiful pieces!

Annie said...

Gorgeous collection (from your friend who is still swooning over my little heart!)

Zeb said...

Lee these are beautiful! I am still kicking myself for finding out about the conference when I did. The Wessex classes had already sold out! :(

Was wondering if you know of any teachers in the Auckland/Hamilton region?

Rebecca said...

I have never seen such lovely stitching my friend! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you, too, for visiting me today and for the very kind words you left for me on my blog. They meant more than I can say.

Love to you from America~


Carol said...

What an amazing group of stitching, Lee! You sure have some wonderfully creative and inspiring friends :)

Cindy's Stitching said...

What pretty bags. You have some amazing work. My first visit from a friend who recommended you on her blog. Carol from stitching dreams is a great stitching friend. What pretty gifts you made for her.

Smily said...

Stopped at your blog to say - the collection is gorgeous!!

jenny-wren said...

Hi Lee,
Great to see such lovely Wessex stitchery on your site.
I have been using it to make some brooches and have sent you some photos by e-mail.
My sister Ley(pronounced same as yours) is bessotted with Biscornu and loved the idea of a Wessex one.