Monday, July 26, 2010


I'm so glad it is winter as I love sitting by the fire stitching.
Have been busy with more of my little hearts, two of the little pin cushions with the bullion stitches like I posted on June 2nd. and one of my small cross stitch rose designs. I found this tiny rose bud some years ago and have used it many times making changes to fit whatever I was stitching. I have stitched it in pinks and also in reds. Two shades, a dark and a light are needed along with two shades of green.
This little pin keep is from my own set of needlework accessories and I think it might be the original rosebud but I cannot remember where I found it.

The red version I call my Valentine Rose Collection. And I am adding my charts hopeful that someone else may enjoy stitching these too.

The needle book shown has a tiny drawn thread heart in the centre. This was stitched separately on fine linen then added to the front of the needle book. This one was stitched last year for an overseas exchange.

The one I have been stitching is the ring of red roses and it is now ready to be posted away.


Annie said...

These are so lovely and delicate. Thanks for the charts. They are so perfect for these romantic type smalls.

Chris said...

Hello Lee. I have come to realise that each season has its joys, and one of the winter joys is sitting by the fire :-) Your work is beautiful, as always. Enjoy your quiet moments :-)

Sally said...

Hello Lee

What beautiful stitching. It seems strange to think that it is winter and that you are sitting in front of a fire stitching, when over here it is the middle of summer. I look forward to seeing more of your stitching.