Saturday, February 4, 2023

Partridge in a pear tree ....part 1

 I have a small tree on the table beside my chair at present it has the Alice in Wonderland collection on it , I have a collection of fabric eggs to decorate the tree at Easter time to add a new collection I have decided to make small embroidered felt pears and display them with a partridge at the top of the tree. Aim is to stitch one a month , the first one is stitched but have yet to decide if to have a stem and a leaf at  the top, will make a couple before I decide. My felt pear has five sections.



Unknown said...

Really lovely pear, await to see one a month. Pears by nature have a very pleasing shape to the eye and your felt one with your stitching exquisitely embroidered a feast for the eye.

Vickie said...

Oh Lee, the pear is exquisite. Yes, I would add a stem and leaf.