Thursday, July 1, 2021


I introduced Rosie a couple of post ago since then I have been busy stitching  for her.

 I started with some shopping, a dress e-pattern from "Crafty Line' and some boots and stockings from Aliexpress. 
The first dress was made from some fabric that would not have been a problem if the dress was disappointing and had to be tossed in the rubbish, however it was a perfect fit and I added both an under skirt  and a over skirt on a short bodice, I'm stitching by hand, the sewing machine has long gone and not missed, we had a hate relationship and I am happiest hand stitching. stitching the little dress was quite relaxing and a change from the tiny dresses for the Sylvanian animals.
There will be more tiny dresses made for Christmas gifts meanwhile I have been stitching for Rosie.

Since the post when I introduced her  these have been the additions to her wardrobe.........

I adapted the pattern to make a .high waisted dress and added fullness  the skirt and petticoat, new shoes and stockings. and I loved the look. and I learn as I go along a tip from Maree to cut the sleeves on the cross of the fabric  gave me a much better fitting sleeve.

Having perfected the pattern I just had to make another dress, the green one below is the same pattern to which I added an embroidered apron.

I can also see a collection of footwear in the future and I like the idea of embroidered clothing, maybe I can  do a smocked dress I remember doing one for a competition when I was about 15 that's long long ago, and  I still have the smocked dresses my mother made for my doll.,.  

 It is winter here so with that in mind I have ordered some wool fabric with a coat in mind, think that will be my next project.

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