Monday, December 21, 2020


This year it was a Christmas stocking for Ronan, I was able to get the same material that I had used for both Finn and Eve's stockings  and Caitlin asked for a jungle animals theme , so here they are putting the lights on the Christmas tree. Fiona found some parcel tie that had miniature  Christmas lights on it so was just perfect. As the stocking has already gone ready to be filled for Christmas day, I made another gift for Ronan that Caitlin does not know about.

I have the book "Dear Zoo" and have made a set of finger puppets to match the story. I did the same for Finn when he was younger. 

This Christmas for Finn I have made a Tic Tac Toe set  of knights and dragons using the smaller peg dolls.

We played Tic Tac Toe together when he visited in October, and its interesting how a four year old can invent variations on the game. and for Eve.......

 Goldilocks and the Three Bears finger puppets, and the cottage is the box to store them in.

I hope they all have as much fun playing with these as this Granny had making them. We have always included something hand made in the Christmas gifts, first  for our own children and now for the grandchildren and great grand child.

I have not put the Christmas tree up here this year, I fear it would not take Kaytu long to strip it of the decorations... so this year it is at Church as a message tree  for prayers and blessings, I drove past the other night and the inner doors of the church were open and the tree was lit up . looking lovely. will try and get a photo. before Christmas

Hope your Christmas preparations are going smoothly, and in this very difficult time for many, you are able in some way to share the Blessings of Christmas with your family.



Maggie said...

Oh I love the little gifts you made for your grandchildren, they are so sweet. I bet they will get many happy hours of enjoyment from them.

Petal said...

What a delight for the Grandchildren & Rowan.
They will have some great play with the things you have made (with Love)

gracie said...

Wow...what wonderful gifts. You are do creative.

Vickie said...

Oh Lee, the stocking for little Ronan is just beautiful. And the gifts for your grands are perfect. Merry Christmas my friend!

James David said...

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