Thursday, September 17, 2020


I am currently stitching the final decorations for the "1 a Month Club", each month apart from the occasional one for myself I have stitched just five decorations  for those who joined the club and committed to buy 1 a month for 10 months.  This has been my fund raiser for church instead of doing a stall at the church fair as I did in the past two years. I am grateful for the support I have had from five friends which meant I was sure of raising the amount I set out to do.

Here are the ones from the past nine months. I have been asked about the pattern for the Robin on the jingle bell.  there isn't one !,   My method of working is to cut the pieces as I think they should be, make one up making adjustments as I go, then once I am happy with the results, repeat using the improvements I made. The only one shown above that I used a pattern was the Owl, I just loved Whimsylandia's owl brooches so bought the pattern on Etsy and it was perfect for my wreath design.

I have some ideas for next years project and will share when I have finalised my plans, wont be committing myself to too much stitching as there is always other projects to stitch as well.

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Petal said...

I am so pleased that you met your goal and provided fun for your volunteers. The people who end up with a decoration will certainly be getting an Heirloom.
Final one to see, then Christmas gifts for the little ones. A bizarre year I hope 2021 is more settled and a chance to work on something for yourself.