Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Ready to be collected, this month decoration was fun to plan and create, I had bought the large jingle-bells last December but had not really a plan how I  would use them. I do have a weakness for robins and they proved to be just the perfect idea of what to sit on the bell. I love how each one is a little different and takes on its own character.

I used two different ribbons, not sure which one I like best, and this month made an extra one for myself.


Next month while be the last one for this project as I planned it to just be for 10 months, I need to get on to some Christmas stitching, which will include a Christmas stocking for Ronan, Caitlin and I have talked about some ideas I need to draw up the design for her approval.


Petal said...

Lee the Robins are so sweet can I buy one?
I have a sister whose name is spelt with an i
not a y. Heather

Vickie said...

Oh how darling!!

Heritage Hall said...

Just love this one.... where would one obtain the pattern, Lee?

Heritage Hall said...

Lee - I would love to buy one of these …
How does one join the one a month group..
Would love to help you charity.