Wednesday, June 24, 2020


I  made a unicorn cake topper.... because I could ! 
I wanted to have a play with the left over fondant from doing Ronan's cake  and after watching a video  this is the result. Would love an excuse to make another one as I think I could do better, with the head.

What has Kaytu's attention ?  I am taking photos of my latest work in progress, and I know what she is thinking.... which one shall I grab first. This cat is a thief and my stitching is never safe and often pieces are rescued from her mouth. I am making a game for Finn and Eve, match the birds to their houses, it will be an easy game for Finn but will take Eve a while I think. I plan to make another harder one for Finn next.

My little thief keeps bringing items home, not sure where she goes as there are only two houses on this block the rest is parkland, and she never seems to be away for long.  To add to the game last night she kept bringing wetas in quite large ones and as fast as I rescued and put them outside she would find another one. 

Hope everyone is keeping well and safe in this worrying times.

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Vickie said...

Your unicorn cake topper is just adorable Lee! Your cat obviously keeps you on your toes. ;) I am glad you have each other.