Thursday, May 14, 2020


The decoration for May is a golden pear, this one went together just as planned and as I liked it so much I made an extra one for myself.  One side of the front of the pear is glitter felt and the other wool felt with beading.'Sadly because of lockdown they are still here along with the April ones and hopefully  they can be collected now restrictions have been eased..

New Zealand has been fortunate in not being hit hard by the covid 19, but it has meant weeks of life within one's bubble. Seniors over 70 years of age were first asked to restrict themselves to staying home and staying safe and as our church congregation are mostly  elderly  services stopped before the country went into lockdown. Our minister organised a phone roster so that no one was left with out a contact and someone to check on them and I with the help of contributions from him and another church member have been able to email a weekly newsletter, last Sundays was number 8, now we have two weeks wait and hopefully we can meet again.

The Easter tree did not last long, Kaytu took the decorations from the lower parts of the tree and I managed to rescue them before any damage was done, not to be put off she then decided to climb the tree to get the rest, at that stage I took them all down. now i am wondering how I can train a very determine cat to let me have something on my little tree. Just think the fun she could have with the big tree at Christmas  time!!
 Shopped for groceries this week, life is slowly going back to normal.

Keep well and keep safe


Petal said...

Lee it has been a bizarre time but the good old Kiwi Spirit got us through and reinforced we are very lucky.
The Pear is lovely.
On to the next one.

Vickie said...

What a gorgeous pear Lee! Please stay safe. We are supposed to begin easing in two weeks in our state and our family personally is not so sure we want to do that. We feel the numbers are going to spike again. :(