Saturday, September 8, 2018


Caitlin has just turned 21 and following the tradition of what I did for her mother  and sister  I have made a box for her, I have used very dark purple silk which my sister bought specially on one of her oversea trips.  On the top of the box stitched a gold work beetle,

open the lid and the tray underneath has her 21st birthday key, for Caitlin I stitched this in black work which is her favourite embroidery technique, which she has stitched several pieces in.

 and inside the box were  a piece of jewellery, something handed on from the past generations, for her I had chosen a pendant that had belonged to her great grandmother Westfield, its very dainty I hope she will love it and wear it.
As with her sister I wanted to share a small item that Paul had given me so that although her Grandfather is no longer with us there was something to remember him by, I decided on a small hand carved wooden squirrel that has sat on the top of my computer desk (she was thrilled to have the squirrel am so pleased I made the right choice). and there was a bag of 21 coins one for each of her years.

The gift all wrapped up  and topped with purple violets, purple being the favourite colour.

Now on to the next birthday gift this time for a dear friend was will be 80 this month , we don't see one another very often now but its been a friendship started in  our teen years


Madtatter80 said...

What wonderful heirlooms for her and your hands made these gifts very special. Thankyou for sharing on your blogs 🌹🦋🌹

Beth said...

How wonderful Lee. Thoughtful creative gifts to be cherished.

Evelyne said...

What a wonderful gift Lee! I like it all de embroidery in Blackwork the choice of the colour and the Beetle are wonderful!

Have a nice and healthy time with lot of stitching.

gracie said...

Most beautiful and so thoughtfully planned. Happy Birthday Caitlin.

Vickie said...

Oh Lee. What exquisite work for Caitlin. Gorgeous gifts. Just lovely.