Wednesday, November 13, 2013


"I cannot count the number of times I have been strengthened by another woman's heartfelt hug, appreciative note, surprise gift or caring friends are an oasis with me encouraging me to go on. they are essential to my well being."  Dee Brestin.
 I give thanks for all the support I have had during this past year, thank you blogging friends for never giving up on me when I have not always managed to answer your comments I do appreciate your messages. And thanks too, to Heather who reads my blog and sends me email messages that always seem to arrive just when I need an uplift.
 My very dear friend Ann came down from Whitianga to teach a workshop in New Plymouth and managed to fit in a few days with me we fitted as much as possible in to the time we had together. lots of talking and sharing of ideas... stitching ones of course. She was here for my birthday and we went out for the day firstly to see the Embroidery Exhibition then to lunch a visit to a garden centre how I have missed  going to my favourite garden centre during the past  year but then for part of that time I was not very mobile. And we called too at the Christmas Shop, that was wonderland so much to see and enjoy, I continued my tradition of adding a bird to my collection  don't you love this little ball of fluff.
Another day we went to see the Floral art display at Holy Trinity Church here in Stratford the theme was the 23rd Psalm  I did not think to take a camera, the arrangements were superb. However my camera has bee busy and I have plenty to share.
 From another very special friend Annette of California Stitcher  came this delightful package and yes I managed to keep it tempting as it was and open it on my birthday.
The Parcel was in two parts, Annette had stitched for me Blackbird Designs Pumpkin Blossoms needlecase all beautifully finished with matching fabric and some very exciting threads inside the pocket. the second parcel was something for me to stitch. Shepherd's Bush Kit "My Mom's Garden"
I have just finished stitching "Strawberries so faire", I stitched it on 40 count permin  raw linen, which was a mistake as the fabric was to fine to work the closed herringbone stitch on the strawberries , they looked like a tangle of knotted threads, so I ended up stitching them in cross stitch,  another adjustment for the fine linen making the roll a smaller size I just made a felt roll at the end for a pincushion, with spider web ends.  Finishing touches of the ladybugs is something I always add to things for Rachel, this time I only had white ones but the looked good and she was delighted with it.
My other finish was the Stitching friends Challenge a petite Christmas stocking but I will have to wait a while to show this to you. I now have one more stitching project then I will need to turn my thoughts to Christmas gifts I know I should have been started on them before this.. Are you better organised than I am ?


Catherine said...

Beautiful goodies!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Such beautiful work! Hours and hours with needle and fiber

Chris said...

Strawberry Faire is fabulous! What a lovely finish.
Sweet Annette, what a lovely package of things for your Birthday!
Happy Belated Birthday!

Carol said...

Such lovely stitching, Lee! Annette's gift is very special!

Vickie said...

No! I am not more organized with the Christmas gifts. It is so frustrating to want to get so much done,but only have so much time, right?
Lovely work Lee.
I have received a package from Annette for Christmas and I am being good and waiting!

Vickie said...
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cucki said...

Aww such sweet goodies..
Big hugs x

Zeb said...

I'm so glad you Ann had a good time :)
It's amazing how amazing you feel when you're with friends you love.

Also a belated happy birthday! The goodies you received are lovely :)

Also Strawberries so faire is exquisite. I am yet again blown away by how beautiful your work is.

Annette-California said...

Love that Ann got to spend your birthday with you and what great fun times you got to share with her. Darling bird ornament.
"Strawberries so Faire" came out Beautiful!!! Love how the reds show up beautifully against the linen and green silk. I love your stitching and finishing. Honored to have help make your birthday special for a special friend:) So far I think I have gotten a good jump on Christmas organizing.
love Annette

gracie said...

Wonderful goodies and stitching...

Anonymous said...

Your blog is always a treat to view and read, and you're absolutely right that stitching pals often have the tendency to pipe up and give feedback at just the right time. Sometimes the internet provides that extra layer of comforting friendship that we don't always have face-to-face. It's lovely to see your Strawberries so Faire finished ... I was just pondering that one this week, as it's been sitting in my stash kitted up for way too long ... if mine turns out only half as lovely as yours, I'll be happy :)

Evelyne said...

Lovely stitching Lee!
The gift is very special!

Have a nice week, Evelyne

Karoline said...

Happy birthday Lee, sounds like you had a lovely day and Annette's gifts are gorgeous

Congratulations on finishing Strawberries so Fair, it's stunning