Sunday, October 27, 2013


Although all days are equally long regardless of the season,
some days are long not only seasonally but by rewards they offer.”
Dejan Stojanovic
My other entry in   the Embroiderers Guilds Regional Exhibition "COLOUR OF THE SEASONS" which opened today was this needle roll which I had entered  in the needlework accessories section.  It was a really fun piece to design and stitch. Inspired by Just Nan's Lady Scarlet's Scissor Roll which being a limited edition was not available in New Zealand  and so I just had to design my own,  here is what I created .. Little Mouse explores the seasons. 
There is a Roll for pins at one end with a pocket for my scissors. 
I use Doctor Flannel for my needle page and  the weave is suitable for cross stitch and its fun to add a little stitching on it.
 I found the tiniest mouse button to go on top of the padded roll and if you look again at the top picture you will see I have a mouse bead on the fastener. This piece will later go to Caitlin but meanwhile its mine to enjoy and I certainly will as it won first prize in the Needlework Accessories section and $100. That I love!
 Recently I stitched another needleroll, it was designed by my very good friend Ann Brocas for the 2011 Coromandel guild retreat, I stitched it for a special birthday gift for Annette of California Stitcher and as I was running late getting it in the post I did not wait for good weather to get some photos. however if you visit Annette's blog here you can see what I stitched and yes I have a little extra touch on the flannel there too.
 The post also brought me a parcel, I was one of three to receive gifts from Gracie of   Needles, Pins and Dragonflies She was celebrating her bloganiversary.
a pumpkin pin cushion in Autumn colours some fun material  and Hardanger snowflake kit... that will be something Caitlin and I will stitch together, she is ready to learn something new, so thank you Gracie for your gift it will be enjoyed.
 We are almost at a new month so if I get busy and finish the construction of "Strawberries so faire "I can start a new project with the new month........ I have so many on my list of want to do.. oh where do I start......well that will be revealed next month
 happy stitching everyone.


Annette-California said...

Congratulations Lee!! WOOHOO!!! Your Little Mouse needleroll is Beautiful. How exciting that you won. I am soo Happy for you! And congrats on your goodies from Gracie. I sure am enjoying my birthday gifts from you:)
love Annette

cucki said...

Wow the needle roll is so beautiful..I love it..
Congrats for your sweet goodies..
Big hugs x

Catherine said...

Congratulations!! Certainly well deserved in my humble opinion! I also saw your gift to Annette ~ a treasure for always! Your work is amazing and I love that you are passing your knowledge to your granddaughter!

Vickie said...

Good for you Lee! You deserve it, your needlework is exquisite! I love both needle rolls. Fabulous work on designing the little mouse theme. ;)

gracie said...

So glad you are pleased with my gift to you...enjoy teaching Caitlin.

Carol said...

Oh, how beautiful, Lee! Caitlin will love it and I can see why it won first prize :)

~Narita said...

Wow, so cute and so nice. Love that needle roll!!!

Annie said...

Another spectacular piece. You are amazing! Such a cute a nd beautiful design. I bet the judges had no trouble at all picking yours for the winner!

Karoline said...

Your needleroll is stunning, I'm not surprised it won first prize.

Melissa said...

Hi there Lee!

I'm a new follower and found you through Annette's blog :)

You have some of the most beautiful stitching and finishing skills I have EVER seen!

Happy Stitching!


Zeb said...

I missed out on that scissor roll, and for a Just Nan fan like myself, I was absolutely gutted. I love your version though, so pretty :)

Zeb said...

Lee do you know if Ann Brocas is selling the design at all? I just saw the photos of your stitched needleroll and I'm both in love, and in tears. So beautiful. There are so few cross stitch designs released by NZers, and I really do want to stitch this very special design.

Anonymous said...

this is gorgeous, Lee! I love your work on the little mouse roll.
lucky you, Gracie's gifts are so sweet!
hugs and happy xxx,

brandy1 said...

Your needleroll is beautiful. I love it.The "Coromandel" one is superb.Wonderful designing. ShirleyN.Z.

steve said...

hi nice creative work and you have given nice description but i am asking one question why you have given the title.

DIN 7 | DIN 6325

Jeanne said...

Lee, what a beautiful and creative needleroll! It' stunning and love the spider rose stitch you did on the ends of the little roll. I saw the one you did for Annette on her blog and was oohing and ahhing over that one too. You are very talented!

Soleil de Vie said...
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Soleil de Vie said...

Que c'est original ! =^..^=