Saturday, September 28, 2013


Everywhere one visits in blogland  at present there are pumpkins appearing, Bloggers have been asked by Daffy Cat see here to brighten up the day for Cathey of Pumpkin Patch and co her blog- is here.
 Cathey, I join my prayers with the many, many others who have you in their thoughts. May the Lord give you the strength you need to face each new day,

Photo: Share this message; it could change a life <3


Annette-California said...

Beautiful pumpkins. Wonderful post Lee. Love Annette

cucki said...

Such a sweet post x

Vickie said...

Perfect Lee. The quote has brought me to tears.

brandy1 said...

I read Cathey's story and wondered how one can write a blog like she has in such "brightish" tones.No "why me" or "poor me" but ok I've been given this going to do my best and kick butt.Loved your quote Lee and all the best for Cathey.Shirley