Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yes we are home again, and I have been de-stitched!!! Oh my face feels so much better.

Arrived home to some very exciting news, Annette from California who  regularly emails me has joined the world of Blogging.  I know she is a visitor to many of the same blogs as I do so please everyone go and visit her  here-

Great Escape weekend was for me a wonderful reunion with friends made over many years. This was the 20th Escape so lots of celebrations. And yes there were traders to take our money. Ribbon Rose from Auckland and Jane Van Kuelen from Christchurch  were both there and I stocked up on my favourite threads and lots of them!

The Workshop I attended was Holographic Monarch.... in the workshop we were stitching a fabric frame border round the image printed on silk organza.... I was particularly interested to find out more about creating a mutli level 3D holographic image.... and can see I will be making further use of the knowledge gained.

Here is my piece not the best photo as I found it hard to line the camera up with the image.


Annette-California said...

Yea! Your stitches are gone. I hope your feeling much better now. Probably will itch though, but don't. Thank you for your kindness in sharing I that have a blog now. Wow 3D Holographic for needlework. I've never heard of it. Your Monarch project is gorgeous. Yep - Your the Master of needlework alright!
Welcome Home my friend.

gracie said...

Looks very nice...and yes, I will also be passing the word about that she is joining us!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lee, your monarch is very pretty!