Friday, March 2, 2012


I know the song goes the rain came down and the floods came up..... but recently after shopping we return to the cottage to find yet another flood and it was coming down from the kitchen ceiling.
 We have had heavy rain and high winds and it seems that some  nails for the roofing iron came loose let the water in and it puddled up in the ceiling till it could find a week point to drip through. The plumbers are getting to know us know as yes we were flood the week before too when the tap connection for the dishwasher sprung a leak during the night.... need I say the kitchen floor was a wash!  The joys of old houses... for those who have not followed my blog for long the cottage was built in the 1880's and modernised about 1992, so for the most part we have the traditional old look outside with all mod cons inside. Son Barryn was here at the weekend and did an inspection of the roof and attended to any nails that appeared loose or needed sealer round them. This weekend the weather men are predicting storms with gale force winds!!! So we should know after that of the roof is weather tight again.

 This months IHSW... yes I did manage some stitching but not as much as hoped... but every little bit gets me further on, running stitch is not very exciting but I am almost ready to start a lovely border.
 No photo will try and get one later
A little other stitch has been working on a challenge piece on the theme of an acorn it will be a while before I can share that project.

The month of February seemed to be filled with hospital appointments and re appointments when they failed to tells us they had changed the dates, the last one took 5 hours from when we left the house till we go back and finally a decision , they will no operate on Paul because of the high risk of infection   with  no immune cells in his blood.

Annette and Gracie have sent me photos of their finished friendship hearts Well done both of you. They are both different and delightful I hope you will go on to make more to share with your friends.

I will have to think up another SAL sometime.
On my other blog "Other side of the mountain"link I posted recently a second posting about the dolls house. Do call in sometime for a visit. I plan to do a posting on each room and its contents in turn.The doll's house has had quite a few visitors during the past month including a couple from England on a return visit to see it. At present it is still in the living room, hopefully the builders will start on the repairs to the front room soon and then we can put the dolls house back in there and have some more space.
Will catch up on visiting friends blogs shortly, now that there is  a quieter month ahead. Thank you for visiting.


Mouse said...

ohhh i hate it when that happens ... hope you are now watertight and things start to look up for you :)love mouse xxxxx

gracie said...

Water water everywhere....hope you will soon be dry. Thank you for hosting the SAL it was fun and a good push to be creative. I do plan to make a few more.....maybe you will host another project????

Carol said...

Oh, not more water problems, Lee! I'm so sorry to hear that... I didn't realize your cottage was so old--it must be very charming :)

Annette-California said...

Hope you don't have anymore water problems. It will be a relief for you once all the repairs are finished. I look forward to what you have in store for us for your next SAL. You and Paul are always in my prayers.

Anonymous said...


This is my first visit to your blog.

Sorry to hear of the flood, hope all is well now.

Your Friendship Hearts are lovely!