Monday, November 7, 2011

SAL Part 5

The stages  of stitching the centre designs.

1: the circle drawn in the centre form a guideline for the three rows of gold thread that are twined round to represent a willow wreath add one row at a time couching down as you go.

2: Chain stitch (Daisy stitch) leaves in dark green these represent holly leaves.  I work with 3 larger groups with 1 or 2 small groups in between I avoid using 4 large groups as this tends to make the design look square.
Also I dont try and make each of the wreaths inside the 4 squares exactly the same, I like a more natural look, and it makes placing the stitches easier.

3: Next add groups of red beads to represent the berries. I stitch each bead on twice, it does take more time but  it is worth while as they do sit so much better... and use red thread to stitch them on with.
 On my first one I added a few gold beads but there are none on this present one I hope to find more when we shop this friday.

4: groups of straight stitches using one strand of blue green floss is now added to finish the wreaths... these hopefully look like sprays of pine needle.

Finish by adding some gold paillettes or tiny sequins.

Now all that is left is the construction to finish........ Posting again soon.


Annette said...

Okay I'm just now stitching the dk green leaves. My Gold wreaths (with total of 3 circles) are done.YEAAAAAA (major cheering going on here, and arms waving in the air). Okay calm again, off to more stitching.

Listochek said...

I'm almost done with gold wreaths:) hopefully will finish tonite:)

Anne said...

Love your ornament. Will try it soon. Thanks for great tutorial. :)

Annette said...

Now stitching red beads :) Annette