Wednesday, November 2, 2011


All the lines shown here in green need to be backstitched. I backed stitched over 4 threads using the same colour for all of this and when it came to the second inner row on the squares I left a space of 4 threads.... but remember the choice is yours.
I am now stitching one that has deep yellow for the main outlining and then the inner squares are stitched in red and green alternating. the colours, will look very festive I think finished.. will keep you posted on the result.

Here is the easy method I used to make the points top and bottom,  
I found the centre of each by counting my back stitches and then carefully drew pencil lines which I stitched over- try to make the stitches  an even size as it is not possible to count threads here.
Don't make these stitches too big,  smaller stitches will make the construction finish neater.
 In the centre of each square I   drew a circle approx 2.5cm or 1inch across.  I found an empty plastic spool that DMC Perle 8 threads come on excellent to trace arround these pencil lines will be covered later.

 Will be back tomorrow with the next part  till then happy stitching


Annette said...

Hi Lee. I bought(today) my beads, sequins and #725 thread DMC. Selected my fabric(white 28ct I think), got my ruler and pencil. Ready! I'll update later & tell you how its going! Now to cook for the family - then its time to create!

Annette said...

My update. I sketched my outline and completed stitching the squares and top row angled points. Still to do inter squares and draw circles. Last minute decision I changed from 725 DMC to Brandied Pears Crescent Colors hand dyed floss. And I was thinking of altering the inner squares red and green like you Lee. Great idea. I'll check in tomorrow. Good nite.