Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is the piece I stitched for a Sampler Exchange, the challenge was to stitch a sampler that included the alphabet and at least 5 specialty stitches, and was between 4-6 inches in size.
I stitch this on 40 count permin linen, and used Jane Van Kuelin's wonderful hand dyed threads.
To finish, I mounted at on the front cover of a needlebook, using cotton print of William Morris' Honeysuckle design as the background fabric.
It went to The Netherlands and I have just learnt of its safe arrival.
Unfortunatly my earlier exchange of a Christmas ornament has been 5 weeks in the mail, so it looks like I will need to stitch another one.


Carol said...

I love this, Lee! The colors are just exquisite...

That must be so frustrating to have one of your creations lost in the mail. I assume it was also going overseas? Hopefully, you'll enjoy stitching the same piece a second time :)

I got my wish yesterday--it snowed!!! Just a dusting, but enough to make it "Christmasy!"

Annie said...

How sweet is that! A lovely piece of work and I'm sure partnered is thrilled with it.