Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Here is another   Wessex Stitchery  stitch., again from an old embroidery magazine and simply described as fly and detached chain. Note the fly stitches have quite small tails while the chain stitches have long ones.

Ann has allowed me to  copy her Wessex pin Cushion Chart that is based on this stitch.
The original was stitched on 32 count Belfast material so if you use a different fabric you will need to adjust the fabric size.

Fabric 18cm square Belfast Linen.
4 Colours of no 8 Perle thread. 1 dark, 1 med, 1 gold, 1 green.
Each square of the graph represents one fabric thread.
Stitch 1 Dark colour - 4 fly stitches
         2. med colour - 4 fly stitches
         3. gold centre  - cross stitch
         4. green          - 4 detached chain stitches.
repeat to make a square 5x5, joining the design at the straight stitches.
Finish by using one of the border patterns supplied or make up your own.
 Adjust corners as required.
 Thank you Ann, I hope someone might enjoy stitching this.

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