Thursday, November 12, 2009


When we bought the cottage there were climbing roses as the front, one is a Cecile Brunner  and the other was labeled Bloomfield Abundance,  I always thought these two roses were the same but there is definately a colour diference between these two climbers here.
Every year these  two climbing roses on the verandah posts each side of the front door get a mad burst of growth in the spring and start climbing up onto the roof. This untidy look gets to Paul and he insists they are cut back. This is always when there is a mass of buds coming.! however this year because of weather and other commitments they did not get cut back and I have happily let him do so this week as they are in full flower, the result is that I have several bowls of these deightful roses in the house.
 I think the colour difference is noticable in the photo.


Joan said...

Yes I can see the difference, but my preference is the Cecil Brunner.

Carol said...

Those roses are growing up your veranda posts, Lee?!!! Incredible!! I'm so glad the blooms were "saved" this year :)