Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Belle in Tudor dress

A dear here we are half way through the month, I have been a very neglectful blogger, however I have been a very busy stitcher and also have done a lot of research. I wanted to stitch some period outfits for Belle. but rather than they just look like a certain period of fashion I wanted to be reasonable close to what had been worn in that time frame allowing for the facts that I was stitching in 1/6 scale and that Blythe dolls heads are so large and clothing had to have front or back openings not go on over the head.
I started with the linen shift that was worn as the undergarment. there were plenty of patterns available to make this and I  found some very fine linen . I was continuing to buils up the garments for a 17 century outfit when i lovely piece of material was given to me that suggested an earlier [period in time. So more research and lts of stitching and Belle now had a Tudor gown.
The underskirt has some embroidery touches that don't really show in the photo, the gown is heavy silk with black velvet on the sleeves, All that remain was her head dress I settled on a French hood and that s where the research became interesting. She now has a French hood of sorts and I am pleased with the look in the photo but really want to see if I can create a true French hood, so guess that's my challenge for the next outfit.

I hope you enjoy seeing Belle as a Tudor lady


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Unknown said...

The thought and research has produced a costume for Rosie that is fit for a Queen.
When in a book for Eve she will be delighted.