Monday, July 9, 2018


Its good to be back.... better still its good to feel fit and well again. with out going in to details the first six weeks were a bit rough and since then each day has slowly brought me back to being able to do things again.  And  there has been little stitching in that time, once I took up my needle again I made a set of finger puppets for Finn's birthday. Finn turned 2years old while I was sick so birthday gifts will be extra surprises over a period of time
The puppets were the characters in a favourite book" The Gruffalo" and I have seen a short video of him playing with them
I realise I have not share the finger puppets I made for him at Christmas, these were for the book "Dear Zoo"
I am now working on pages for a quiet book which I hope to get to him later this month. I found lots of ideas on Pinterest that I was able to use or adapt. This one is colour matching.

here is matching the pairs......

and this page is my favourite so far....... numbers 
The lady bugs lift off and I have yet to make a large ladybug pocket to store them in.

I do have to get back to some embroidery stitching as Caitlin will be 21 next month and I need to make a box with a gold work beetle on the lid and an embroidered birthday Key inside.

Meanwhile its count my blessings and take one day at a time


Beth said...

Welcome back - I am glad you are now feeling better. Your sock puppets are adorable!

Akila said...

Welcome back!! Awww the puppets are all so cute

Vickie said...

Oh Lee, how good to read a post by you. I am sorry you have suffered. Your gifts to little Finn are just darling. I know that Caitlin's gold work beetle will be fantastic.

Carol said...

So sorry you have been unwell, Lee--hope that the worst is over! Your gifts are so darling--especially love those cute animal finger puppets. Finn will love them :)

Merilde said...

So happy to see this post, Lee. I have been thinking of you and wondering how you were. So glad you are getting better. healing thoughts sending your way. I love the puppets - what fun for Finn to act out his books! Lori

Cindy's Stitching said...

Glad you are better lee. The finger puppets are so cute.your talent amazes me.