Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I planned a theme of hearts for next year, then when deciding what to make for my exchange gift for the Embroiderer's Guild Christmas party I decided on ..... yes hearts. and from there many ideas came, so expect to see more. These first hearts were inspired by some tiny hearts I had made  a couple of years ago.
Inspired by some that I found on Pinterest I had made my own version using lace on felt for the background adding beads and jewellery findings for the decoration. This time after making the tiny hearts I mounted them on red silk and love the new idea even more.

My next lot of hearts are quite different, Jan had requested five small items all the same, some of these are for folk who received decorations I made last year, to see those ones  again the  link

The first one is finished and the rest not far behind.

I need to sort out and upload some more photos so I can share with you more of my Italian
 be back again soon.


gracie said...

Love them...Love them!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Lee they are beautiful.

Rhona said...

Oh my goodness! These hearts are gorgeous! They look like there has been so much love (and effort) put into making these. Your exchange partners are very lucky to receive such wonderful gifts.

Vickie said...

Oh Lee, how gorgeous these are. I especially love the white ones.

Merilde said...

The hearts are so lovely. Gorgeous on the red silk. The owl ornament is adorable. You are always so creative! Lori

Petal said...

Beautiful, a never ending source of possibilities. Have fun.

Annette-California said...

All your hearts are gorgeous!!!
Love Annette

co coya said...

Oh Lee, how gorgeous these are. I especially love the white ones.

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