Wednesday, March 1, 2017


My challenge piece for February was Perugian Embroidery, I have stitched in silk in the closest shade I could get to saffron yellow, I have done counted satin stitch before but not in rows to form the design.

Fun stitching during the month has been some small hearts for Valentine's Day, these three went to the friends in my stitching friends group, a few others have found homes elsewhere.

I have not shared with you Caitlin and my January holiday project, we both fell for Lilipopo  little girls and have bought the pattern and enjoyed stitching some. Mine will later be lavender bags, I have had a great crop this year and it is now drying ready for stripping.


Lyn Mallinson said...

Love them all Lee.....especially my owl! The ladies are intriguing.

Annie said...

Perugian Embroidery ... that's a new one for me. I had to Google it. Lovely piece with beautiful border.

The hearts are so clever and pretty.

I see those Lillipopo designs on Etsy all the time. They are very appealing with the mix of applique and embroidery. Your projects turned out great!

Vickie said...

Oh such a lovely color for your Perugian Embroidery. Your little bird hearts are very sweet. So are the girls that you and Caitlin are stitching!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Lee you do amazing work. the felted pieces are just fabulous.

Marie Christine said...

De bien beaux travaux en broderie et autres,c'est admirable!