Sunday, October 16, 2016


On Friday I spent the  day in New Plymouth stitching with friends, you know what a delight that was,  spending time with those who enjoy the same embroidery techniques, I try when ever I can to join in with the group once a month like today the theme is samplers and the other day is traditional embroidery. The weather was not encouraging the day started with heavy rain.however by the time I came home the sun was shining. In the morning I finished stitching my birthday gift for Rachel, my eldest grandchild, then in the afternoon I started on my Ellen Chester sampler.
 For Rachel, as part of her gift, I had stitched a notebook cover, using one of the designs I had used previously for a fob with an owl on it this time I added to the design and have the little owl up in the tree.

 The colour in the second photo is not very good as it was taken late at night, I was about to wrap the parcel when I remembered I had not taken a photo. Was very pleased how the cover went together it is stitched on ( no glue).

Earlier in the month I had sent to Annette in American a notebook for her birthday also with a stitched cover but this time Goldwork and bullion stitched roses.
I have one birthday left on my list for the year a very good friend turns 80 in December I have yet to give thought to what I will stitch for her.

 And I wish I could share with you all a posy of Daphne
This morning I took to church a basket full of posies to share with the folk there, I an blessed with two large Daphne Burkwoodii bushes  and it has become a tradition that as many posies as possible are made and given away. There will be more made for tomorrow and for Tuesday when the ladies group at Church will taken them to friends and neighbours who are shut in. After that Wet weather is fore-casted so I wont want to get out in the garden.

"Would that the little flowers were born to live conscious of the pleasure which they give"


Lyn Mallinson said...

What a lovely idea Lee. I am sure all who receive a post will be absolutely delighted. And I know you will have had pleasure getting them ready for distribution. SUPER all round!!

Lyn Mallinson said...

That should have said "posy"

Vickie said...

What a precious owl. Oh my! Annette's notebook is just lovely.

Carol said...

It is always so nice to spend stitching time with like-minded friends! Your owl is so cute and oh, those notebooks are darling. Annette's gift is a work of art, Lee!

Merilde said...

Just lovely work, Lee. I am still in awe of my treats! I love the little owl, and Annette's cover is beautiful. I love the flowers, as we wind down headed toward winter and cold, it is nice to see flowers in your posts! Lori

Cindy's Stitching said...

The books are awesome.

Annie said...

Love these notebooks! How did you sew on the owl? Does it wrap all the way around like a vertical band? And then you slip stitched? Very effective. And Annette's book is such a masterpiece!

Von said...

Your notebooks are wonderful, Annette's is especially so! Love those bullion roses. :)

Annette-California said...

Love Rachel's notebook it's beautiful and I LOOOOOVE Mine!!!
Thank you so much again for my Gorgeous notebook, it is a Masterpiece and I cherish it! Your bouquets are beautiful Lee!
love Annette

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