Friday, June 5, 2015


 Yes I am counting down the days till  my new glasses come and I can happily stitch again.  It has been a long six weeks, for once I cannot comment how quickly time has gone by for me it has been snail pace.

 Stitching friends challenge was a biscornu, here is the lovely one I received from Lyn.  Don't you just love the beautiful hardanger edge and she has made it very personal with the message on the back cleverly stitched on the diagonal. Thank you Lyn it is such a treasure.
The one below is the one I stitched and sent to Ann, it is an Atalie design, have wanted to stitch it for ages and the challenge was the perfect opportunity, I had all the counted work done before my eye op and have managed to finish it in the last few days as the eyes adjust, however I did struggle with the roses... next time it will be bullion stitch ones that  I can do much better.

A recent email brought surprising news, Thoeria emailed me to thank me for the ornament and commented she loved owls. It took a moment or two to  to work out what owls she was referring to .... and it certainly turned back the clock, at the beginning of December last year I had a give-a-way, and  this was the ornament she was referring to -
posted to her in Johannesburg, South Africa the first week of December last it had finally arrived... 5 months later, I'm sure she felt I had forgotten to post it

 Next week will be my blog anniversary, it will mark six years of blogging do check back to see what I come up with to celebrate.

Good to be back in focus and blogging again


Vickie said...

Lovely, lovely work by all.
I am so glad you are almost there with your new, improved vision Lee. You have been missed.

Madtatter80 said...

Love the beautiful work on the gifts you received and I am impressed with the buttons and beads you all are using they are very pretty and enhance your items well!
Glad your glasses are going to be there soon because your work needs to be done and posted :) Can't wait to see your new post next week.

Mary said...

The Owl ornament is so cute. I had something that I sent to Australia, that took 3 months to finally arrive. Love the postal system.

Annette-California said...

Beautiful Biscornu exchange! WOW Lyn's hardanger work is gorgeous and love all the hearts she stitched. Your Biscornu is just as beautiful Lee! Wonderful to hear that your Dec Ornament did arrive! Talk about Christmas in June:) SO happy you will get your new eyeglasses soon and very thankful your surgery was a success. love and hugs Annette

Blu said...

Gorgeous biscornus! The edge on Lyn's is really cool.

cucki said...

Wow so beautiful xxx

KimM said...

Beautiful work! And love the fact the ornament arrived - a bit slow, but I'll bet it saw lots of sites along the way - HA!