Monday, December 15, 2014


Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories 
and love of kindred, 
 and we are better throughout the year for having,  
in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time. 
~Laura Ingalls Wilder

My trees are up, the first to be unpacked is this lovely one we have had for many years it needs no decorations and I think of its colours as being the night sky over Bethlehem.
My big tree is up with much the same decorations as in the past few years,  the touch of pink to blend it in with the room colours and the main decorations white birds reminding the  Christmas promise of peace.

 Some years ago we gave up having a Christmas tree as we had a cat who thought it had been put up for him to climb and the decorations were just toys.  Tabitha thinks differently about the tree when I get up in the morning I find her sleeping under the tree. ( waiting for her Christmas gift?)
  This year I added a new tree a table top tree which I plan to leave up all year and change the decorations form time to time. Caitlin and I took a visit to Santa's  choice Christmas shop last month, it was just wonderful and so much to see. and we came home with this small tree that I immediately  made it a bird tree, I will during the next year add more decorations.

the new ones we bought include a fantail and some tiny tom-tits along with another nest to add to my collection I also have Caitlin's choice of decoration tucked away for her Christmas gift.

 My small Table tree took a change of design today when I put my small angels on thr tree along with the glass birds I have had  for about 25 years and added a few other items to complete the display.

Yes I am already for Christmas just the family gifts to wrap. At the weekend we had a family gathering with Barryn  and Jackie came up from wellington and we had Family dinner at Jan's Saturday night. Sunday was the 2nd anniversary of Paul's funeral and would have been our 51st wedding anniversary, so I appreciated having all the family with me.

To all my blogging friends make you all enjoy the coming Christmas season with your families.


Annette-California said...

All 3 trees are beautiful Lee! Lovely how you decorated them. Glad all of your family got to be with you.
Love and hugs Annette

gracie said...

Love your tree displays...Time may pass but the memories are always there... hugs to you dear lady.

Akila said...

Oh I love your tree - it evokes a sense of peace within.. and it glows so beautifully

Vickie said...

Very lovely. I do tend to love the tree with pink. ;) Merry Christmas Lee!

Cindy's Stitching said...

all so pretty. I blue tree is so special. Love the color.

Thoeria said...

Such beautiful favourite is your little bird/angel one....I like the idea of changing the decorations through the year!

Beth said...

Blue tree, pink tree green tree, bird tree, eucalyptus tree - all so pretty!

Maggie said...

All your trees are lovely, I like the effect the pink has on your big tree, it looks great :-)