Tuesday, March 12, 2013


.......I wanted a rabbit,
A liitle brown Rabbit,
And I looked for a rabbit
'most everywhere.
with apologies to A.A. Milne
I wanted a rabbit, a little brown rabbit, even a grey one would do !
I wanted to stitch my rabbit for Easter ( my rabbit needed to be a cross stitch one and quite small about 25x25 stitches.)
 I looked for my rabbit 'most everywhere. I went to the library what a lot of books there,
I looked for a cross stitch rabbit  but they hadn't got a rabbit, not anywhere there.
I went to my computor and google for rabbits, they had lots of rabbits but not a little one for me was there.
I went back to my computor and googled for Bunnies and I saw little rabbits 'most everywhere there, and I found myself the perfect little Rabbit and he is just what I wanted for some Easter stitching and if you would like to stitch him too, he is  found here.

 Happy stitching


Anne said...

So sweet Lee! I love your little wee rabbit!

gracie said...

Thanks Lee...I also wanted a bunny to stitch ... a quick stitch. It is perfect! Thank you for sharing.

Annette-California said...

I love your Easter bunny Lee! Oh he is soo cute. Me too I would love to stitch him. Thank you for the link:)
love Annette

Annie said...

He's perfect for the season. I have a whole folder of bunny-related freebies. I can't resist them!

cucki said...

so sweet x

Chris said...

Sweet bunny.

Vickie said...

squee! He is just adorable. =)

Evelyne said...

Lovely sweet bunny!

Thank you for sharring.


Karoline said...

Cute bunny :) Congratulations