Friday, December 21, 2012


The final challenge for the year for our Stitching friends group was to create a pod in the Christmas colours chosen by our partner, her is the one I stitched for Lyn. We stitched them as a SAL over 3 months, and each month were given a theme for a side and we could then use our own ideas on what to do. These pod were quite large allowing plenty of space for the stitching,  It also had to be finished with a tassel.
Part 1 was stitch a diamond shape using  Mordvianian stitch.
Part 2 had to include a hardanger heart ( I stitched my heart on 40 count linen the appliqued it on
Part 3  asked for a Christmas wreath.
I then made a smaller pod for my Secret Friend in the colours she had chosen. blues white and silver.
lots of pearls and crystals on this one.
These are also my daughter Jan's favourite Christmas tree colours and at present I am making a set of four in these colours for her.
My family have all changed their holiday plans and will now go off on holiday just after Christmas, We will share Christmas at Jan's home and although it will be sad not having Paul with us, we will be welcoming Barryn's partner into the family and that will make it special.  I have the tree out and Caitlin came over and helped me get all the lights on it, however I have yet to decorate it, still 2 days left before Barryn and Jackie come back up and stay with me.
Hope every ones Christmas plans are going well.


Annie said...

These pods are simply gorgeous! There is really no end to your stitching talent.
Have a wonderful holiday!

Annette-California said...

Oh how lovely!! Not only is the stitching amazing but the beading is so PRETTY. Beautiful. I'm sure you will feel Paul's love for you, especially on Christmas Day.
love Annette

cucki said...

Simply so beautiful..
Christmas hugs for you x

Karoline said...

The pods are gorgeous, congratulations to you all.

I hope you and your family have a good holiday

Chris said...

Such beautiful ornaments.
I hope that you and the family have a wonderful holiday!

Carol said...

Oh, how pretty, Lee! I know Paul's absence will be keenly felt this Christmas, but I wish you and your family a very special Christmas together...

pam said...

This is my mom's second year without my dad. we are both doing much better this year than last. All the wonderful things about him we have laughed about and the sadness of his sickness and passing hurts less. This is my prayer for you as well. Stitching is amazing as always. Such a gift you have.

Vickie said...

Just splendid Lee. I am praying for you. I hope and pray your family and your stitching bring great comfort this Christmastime.