Friday, November 2, 2012


 I had a very special event approaching, and Iwas allowed to celebrate it any way I wish, I chose to stay at the Chateau Tongariro  for a couple of nights and enjoy the luxury of the surroundings with in the hotel and views of the wonderful mountains around it. Everything now has to work round Paul's hospital appointments and transfusions and as these clash with my actual birthday  the trip was planned a little early and we  had a wonderful time.
 The road to the Chateau in the background Mount Ruapehu. insert The Chateau
It  was just perfect and my sister and her husband joined us, making it even more special. Joan and my birthdays are just 10 days apart and as children we shared the same parties so it was great that they joined us at this time. Denis ( her husband)  had had his big birthday celebration last month but as they were on a camping trip in the outbacks of Australia at the time we made it a delayed celebration for him too.
 On the Wednesday we got up to clear blue sky,  a bright sunny day although the outside was just 9 degrees Celsius.
Looking at Mount Ngaurahoe  from the lounge at the Chateau.
and as seen from our drive up the Bruce Road on Mt Ruapehu
We left Paul sitting reading in the sunshine and the three of us took a drive up the mountain as far as one could go by road and took lots of photos At one point we could look across country and in the far distance see the snow capped Mt Egmont which is near where I live and its the mountain I have on the heading of my blog. We took two days to drive home breaking the trip so it would not be too tiring for Paul.
 The week that has followed has not been a good one so I am posting this later than I planned. My birthday was spent in part sitting once again in the Emergency Department of Hawera Hospital with Paul. we did manage to get home for dinner that night and the meal I had planned.
 And today my plans are to make a lovely arrangement with these.


Carol said...

Your birthday celebration site looks spectacular, Lee... And how nice to celebrate with you sister. That mountain is so beautiful...

Keeping you and Paul in my thoughts--take care now.

cucki said...

Wow your birthday celebration site looks super wonderful . The mountain are so beautiful...
Thinking of you and Paul..
Love cucki xxx

Anne said...

Happy Birthday!! and thanks for the beautiful pics! Looks like a lovely Chateau! :)

Annette-California said...

Happy Happy Birthday Lee!!! and Happy Birthday to Joan:)
What a fantastic celebration trip. Gorgeous photos. Your flowers are so beautiful - stunning bloom & colors.
love Annette

Mary Joan said...

So glad you had a wonderful Birthday tip. The mountains looked beautiful. And those flowers are stunning. Keeping Paul and you in my thoughts and prayers.
Take Care.

Vickie said...

Thank you for sharing with us Lee. Happy Birthday to you! I am praying for Paul.♥

Listochek said...

Happy birthday ,Lee!

Rowyn said...

Happy belated birthday Lee.

I'm so glad you got to stay at the Chateau. Isn't it a lovely place and in such an amazing location!