Friday, August 24, 2012


The last two weeks have been kinder to us... no sudden dashes to hospital although Paul is down there today, but this is the new programme of fortnightly transfusions. I have managed to finish some pieces. Firstly Stitching friend's challenge was a needle book and I had recently bought the charts ACCEPT THIS POSEY by With my Needle and it adapted nicely for the needle book

 Wish my photo was clearer but it was taken in a rush in poor light as I wanted to pass it on last night at Guild when I knew I would be seeing Naomi who it was stitched for. The chart had a variety of stitches along with cross stitch with some  parts  stitched over 1 thread and the lady's hair was closed herringbone stitch.  The little bird with the rose bud stitched in the corner of the flannel was over one thread, I have not done this before on flannel and was pleased with the results. Another idea tucked away for the future.

Today's mail brought the challenge piece stitched by Lyn for me, what a delight she has made me a needle folder to hold packets of needles, although many miles apart she made just what I needed, my one stitched many years ago is falling apart from all the use it has had.

Its such a special piece,  stitched by a very special friend, we met many many years ago at Bible Class, then made contact again about 25 years . The Message on the flap is one I shared with her some years past. and reads.....

Neatly lightly swiftly sew
Clicking softly as you go
Shining needle none shall be
Ever better friends than we.


Lifting the flap up and you can see the lovely stitched panels of Wessex Stitchery. Lyn was in my very first Wessex class, taught long before you could buy a book on that type of embroidery, she has continued to enjoy stitching and sharing Wessex and I have on earlier posts shown some of her work.
See my posting Nov. 26 2009 for her lovely hussif with Wessex stitchery.

The Flannel under the flap has been dyed to match the outer fabric, and this too is special as both have been dyed by Lyn's daughter Cheryl  who is part of the team at Distressed Threads and are creating wonderful fabrics. see their website here. The colour in this photo is a little light but having had so much trouble getting the computer to up load my photos from the camera I am not going to try again however not going to take another one put the true shade can be seen in the photos above.

 Yesterday I played the DVD of the Pioneers of Stitch Exhibition at the last Embroiderers Conference in July., viewing it on the computer  was excellent and there was  some outstanding pieces to admire, but it seems to have upset some of my settings, hopefully I will get them right again, meanwhile its one of those cool winter days so I am off to sit by the fire and hopefully get a little stitching done.



Margaret said...

Both needlebooks are marvellous. I do love the Wessex one. Years ago I did a class with Gay Eaton and have loved Wessex Stitchery ever since. I may purloin this idea and try one of my own!

Annie said...

What pretty things! Love your clever idea of embroidery on flannel. Your needlebook is just lovely. And so is the one you received. I've never seen one like that made especially for needle packages. I'll have to remember that idea.

Glad to hear things are relatively calm. Enjoy the weekend!

Vickie said...

Hello Lee! Such beautiful stitchery you have shared with us. I am praying for Paul.♥

Cindy's Stitching said...

really pretty pieces. hope things get better for you.

gracie said...

Love both projects. Hope things are smoother for Paul...keeping you both in my thoughts.
I have never tried to embroider on flannel...might give it a go.

Annette-California said...

Beautiful needlebook you stitched. Great idea to stitch on flannel. The needle folder you received is very pretty and lovely message on flap. Praying for you and Paul, & I send you both lots of sunshine blessings.
love Annette

pam said...

Such lovely works

Karoline said...

The needlecases are both lovely

Ellen said...

I stumbled upon this post with your adaptation of Accept This Posey. I love it when stitchers get creative, and I would love to show your project on my blog if you would send me some photos and a short write-up.