Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I am over the moon and possibly way out in outer space...news from the National exhibitions has been just so great. Maree phoned as soon as the awards for the Junior Embroiderers section had been announced Tauranga Juniors took the overall award with a group piece and that left 8 awards..... AND 5 of them came to our Stratford junior embroiderers. Over the years we have had our different Juniors win awards but never 5 in one National Exhibition.

 And as a Grandmother I am specially thrilled as  Caitlin won the 13-18 yrs age group with her Kea done in blackwork The kea was worked from photographs her Uncle took and stitch in hand dyed threads from Jane Van Keulin.

Caitlin who is now 14 years of age first entered work in a national exhibition at the age of 6 yrs and won the younger section that year with her Very Colourful Owl. and has had work in every national Exhibition and Regional since.  National Exhibitions are every 2 years with Regional Exhibitions in the in between years.
She also won the award for the best piece of Traditional Embroidery over both age groups, while Grace entering for the first time  took the award for the best Contemporary piece of embroidery again over both age groups..

Little 6yr old Hannah  took 3rd place in the 12 years and under section and  Sarah Lee ( who is 10yrs) took 2nd place in the same section with her blackwork piece "My dog Jackson" Sarah-Lee has had work in Regional exhibitions but this was her first entry in a National.

Jackson has taken hours of work over many months and is a great piece of blackwork I am specially proud at how she kept at it, coming in to embroidery once a week during the school terms.
 I only have photos of these two pieces as they were both framed by Paul.

And Maree who also teaches the Juniors with me also won with her piece of work in the miniatures section.
 It is school holidays here at present but when school starts again next week there will be some very excited young girls back at embroidery. 

After 9 years here I  retired  from teaching the junior group at the end of last term,  the group is in good hands with Maree and Mary both very experienced needlewomen there to teach them For me I have been fortunate to retire on a high, thanks to the childrens success.

Catlin's Very Colourful Owl.


Grit said...

Wow, ist das toll. Ich finde beide Stickereien super schön.
LG Grit

Vickie said...

Oh. My. Goodness! Lee, I never, I mean never, cease to be amazed coming on over to your blog!! Such talent in such little ladies. I feel like such a dunce! What a gift God has given you Lee. And in turn you have helped these young ladies develop and learn what gifts and talents they have waiting from the Lord.

Carol said...

Congratulations to all the rising stitchers! I'm sure you're bursting with pride at Caitlin's win--she obviously inherited her grandmother's talent :)

Mary Joan said...

Congratulations to all the your young stitches. It's always good to hear what your young stitches have been doing. It's great that they have been encouraged from such an early age. All there work is superb. No wonder there are excited!

Catherine said...

Congratulations to everyone!! How special is your group of young girls! Andyour pride just beams through every word of your post!

Annette-California said...

What an incredible achievement for all the girls. Congratulations to them all. Caitlins Kea bird and Owl look so beautiufl and perfectly stitched. Sarah Lee's dog Jackson looks so amazing how she did the eyes and again perfectly stitched. Wow remarkable and incredible projects the girls stitched. What a Disneyland way of retiring Lee from the Juniors Embroidery group with them taking so many awards.
love and hugs Annette

Mouse said...

a HUGE congratulations to each and every one of them .... they are all beautiful stitchers and do their teacher(s) proud :0
you have every right to brag with their beautiful work :)
love mouse xxxxx

Karoline said...

Congratulations to everyone involved

Southpaw Stitcher said...

Wow! Just wow!

Cindy's Stitching said...

really pretty. Nice to share your passion with someone else.