Monday, February 6, 2012


Well its the 6th of February and I promised I would announce today who would receive the Shepherds Bush Chart that I receive from Rowyn. I must add it is a delight to stitch and takes no time at all. I will include the last of the silk thread but sadly there is not enough to stitch it again in the silk but I have matched the colours as closely as I could to DMC shades.

 Have you noticed I have headed this the Winners are?  I have taken Annettte up on her suggestion and will send it to her first and then she has promised to pass it on.... and the name drawn out is

 Gracie of Needles, Pins and Dragonflies blog.
Gracie please email me your postal address so I can include it when I send the chart on. I have resently read about a travelling chart and I think I will make the next one I share like that as I wouls have loved to have sent it to you all

 I have been asked how I store my WIP,  I use a fabric roll, infact I have several of them now, all different sizes. We have even taught the Junior embroiderers not to leave their work in a ring frame, but to store it in a fabric roll when not stitching and Maree who helps with Juniors has made each one a roll. My photos are not very good I photographed a small one so I could get it all in the picture. They are made up of two layers of fabric, the inner one plain light colour suitable to go against your work, at one end a sleeve has been stitched and with  a strong cardboard roll inserted. I have seen some where the ends are also covered in but I have left mine open so I can replace the roll when it gets bent!

I am not sure where the idea came from , it could have been a Patchwork and quilting idea, I was given a large one years ago and would not be with out them now. easy to store and also easy to take your work to a class  The important thing to remember is to lay your work face down, then when you roll it up the stitches will  will have the correct tension on them.

We have had a lovely few days away and I will share our travels with you soon and also have a small SAL which I will post shortly.
Till then
Happy Stitching.


gracie said...

Thank you so much...expect an email ....I love this TP fun to see how everyone finishes the same design.

Mouse said...

oooo well done and lovely that it has become a travelling pattern :) and nice idea that for the roll :) love mouse xxxx

Annette said...

Thank you Lee! Oh this is exciting. I will be quick Gracie. When I'm done stitching the TP, I'll send Lee a photo of my finish. Thank you, thank you....
Annette - California