Saturday, January 7, 2012


I'm having a good day and its great to be catching up with everything , so this posting will cover several things.......................
Firstly to Anntte who contacted me re the junior embroiderers group here and offered to send some threads for their use. A BIG THANK YOU to Annette for the parcel that arrived, as you can see it much more than threads.

When the family gathered before Christmas, I let Caitlin as the oldest in the group to open the parcel 
( I had had a peep before hand) we have put it all back and will take it to the first stitching afternoon when school goes back in February, so all the group can see what came. There was also something for me in the parcel as well.

Thank you Annette we specially enjoyed the small Christmas scrapbook you made for me. Annette also asked do we decorate the doll's house for Christmas, the answer is yes, here is Sarah and Henry Barker admiring the Christmas tree which has tiny light that work( by power but not turned on for the photo.) Gifts for the Children are put under the tree, there are tiny Christmas cards on the mantlepiece and a holy wreath on the front door. their daughters... Emma with her Rocking horse( Scotish pewter) and Caroline with her teddy bear.( English) Ihave a note book in which I have recorded each room of the house and what is in it and where it came from.....BUT as it was in the wet, wet room I can't  find where we put it when we rescued everything.

My Stitching Friends December Challenge was to stitch a quadrielle using the outline I had given in my SAL on this blog but with their own choice of designs.  I used the one I had stitched for the blog SAL as my challenge and in the end stitched  a second one  with colour variations.

And here is Lyn's one. I love the ribbons on hers.

And below is Naomi's quadrielle, I was the lucky person to receive this one, she had chosen purple and gold as she kinows I dont like red against my pink walls, not the best photos but I wanted to show the designs she had chosen.   I hope to be able to share more of these  with you soon

I have just read Mouse's blog and she is stitching on some lovely peachy shade linen... well it just happens my present piece is on  a soft peachy- apricot Belfast linen and quess who I am stitching it for?
I leave you with this quote, source unknown.

Today there is a smile floating on the breeze
smile with it because you know it comes from me..........


Mouse said...

ohhhh love the dolls house photos :) and the quadrilles are lovely ... didn't have time to squeeze it in this time ... and oooooo me ?????? lol love mouse xxxxx

catherine said...

Your dolls house looks fab and cute that you do something in it at christmas as well. Loving the quadrillies.
x catherine

Carol said...

Glad to hear your new year is starting on a brighter note, Lee! Your doll house is charming all bedecked for Christmas... And how nice everyone's quadrielles turned out--just lovely :)

Happy New Year to you!

Lynn B said...

Love the dolls house! The quadrielles all look lovely, this is on my 'to do' list, although my list is getting ever longer!

Best wishes for the New Year!

Lynn B

Annette said...

What a beautiful thank you post from you. So glad you shared the photo of the Christmas room. It looks Beautiful. Such tiny details. And the quadrille's look so pretty. Love how they both were stitched with pretty designs. Very talented ladies.