Friday, September 16, 2011


Spring has finally arrived with first a lovely showing of crocuses in the garden followed by the miniature daffodils, if only...... the weather was kinder and I could get outside more to enjoy them.

Not much stitching that I can show at present, all the pieces have gone off to the Regional exhibition , I am very proud of what the children's group have achieved. The exhibition opens on the 23rd of this month and after that I will share with you, Caitlin's finished piece and my bag.

I have finally mounted the little bunny, another floss thread tag,  see my posting for May 6th, if you would like the chart. I have been unable to work out how to link back to previous postings, if anyone is able to share how to do this I would be most grateful. I can work out how to link to other web sites.

Stitching at the moment is items for exchanges and I have started stitching my P.I.Fs. These too, I can share with you later.I think part of the fun of exchanges is searching for a design to stitch, I always end up with not one but several things saying....stitch me.
If only there was more free time....................

here is the link
 thank you Annie for your help

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Annie said...

Your bunny finish is so sweet! I love the effect of the variegated thread in the background.

So Spring has sprung for you while we are having our first taste of cooler weather as we head into fall. I'd rather be seeing daffodils.

If you display an old post, just copy the URL from the address bar and create a link to that URL the same way you would to any other site.

Catherine said...

Sweet bunny!!

Carol said...

I love any bunny stitching, Lee, and this is no exception--such a tiny little piece! So glad you're enjoying a lovely spring. I'm dreading our coming winter...

paula said...

To link to an old post, Annie is correct:
1. copy the URL of the old post
2. highlight the words you want to link
3. click te LINK icon at te top of your post
4. add the URL to your post in te link area
5. Viola . . . you have a back post link :0}

Mouse said...

oooo helloo .was only thinking hadn't see you for a while and voila up you pop ... ooooo crocus flowering .. we have got the start of autumn here ....looking forward to the photos :) love mouse xxxx

Cindy said...

oooh what darling finish, i love bunnies and am going to do this one! thank you so much for sharing :D

Lynn B said...

Love the bunny finish, very cute!
Can't wait to see what you show us next.

Evelyne said...

What a lovely little bunny and a beautiful finish too.
Warm regards, Evelyne