Saturday, June 19, 2010


ANZEG Conference ( Association New Zealand Embroiderers' Guilds) is now only three weeks away. This week I have been writing the notes for the two workshops I am teaching there....... along with stitching a couple of extra pieces. Anyone who would like to see the variety of workshops that will be at the conference  go to -   click on any of the tutors and more details will come up along with a photo of what they are teaching.
I enjoy writing the notes for workshops and  find  its amazing what the computor can produce but the best bit is the designing.
This is the piece for the one day workshop I have on the Monday..... "Pocket for Titania."

I have completed two further pockets to show that the basic idea could be taken further and one does not have to stitch bullion stitches rose!.
"Pocket for a Mermaid" is on blue linen that I dyed. Did not come out quite the colour I expected but I am pleased with the finished result. I hope to be able to post photo of it soon.
Today I finished one for the " Snow Queen" white, silver and a tiny touches of blues. My mind is full of ideas now but I must move on to other things.
 My second workshop is a three day one " Shades of Monet" a count thread mat using Jane Van Keulin's lovely linen and threads dyed to match.  You can see it on the Confernce web site.


nima said...

wow...gorgeous pouch

Carol said...

What an exquisite little bag, Lee--amazing detail! I hope you enjoy your workshop teaching--sounds like a wonderful experience...

Naomi Old said...

of the three bags i love this one the most. Just gorgeous in detail, stitchery and colourings.

Lynn B said...

Wow, these are just absolutely gorgeous! I found your blog after seeing the beautiful gift you sent Carol, it literally took my breath away, as does everything else on your blog. You are truly talented!

I will be back to see more beautiful creations!

Kind regards

Lynn B

Надежда-nagual said...

charming little bag!
Nadya from Ukraine.