Wednesday, February 15, 2017


My Italian love affair started many many years ago,  that is my love of the different Italian Embroidery techniques,  although over the years I have stitch several there are many I have not had the opportunity to stitch. So I have made it my personal challenge this year to each month stitch a small coaster size mat in a different Italian technique.
January's mat is in Assisi embroidery, I love the fresh look of voided work, and I have stitched it many different times, this time I wanted to achieve a perfect rolled hem. I have stitched on 40 count permit linen, stitching over three fabric threads with one strand of DMC 502 sage green, outlined in black and edged with Italian four sided stitch ( which is reversible)  As a mat is not mounted I wanted to have a back view which I would be proud of. The small mat is 10 centimeters square.

I am now trying to Blog from my iPad , at this stag I find it very limiting hence the short post.