Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I have had a very successful weekend stitching, I wanted to stitch some cross stitch robins from charts I had collected to see which would be the most suitable for a project I have in mind.

This tiny Robin stitched over 1 on Doctor's flannel is from a Cross stitch Crazy magazine's  Robin alphabet, colours have been modified.

 next up a little robin found on Pinterest, stitched in the same colours as the one above and to which I have added the back stitching highlights.

   and I am specially thrilled with this one, designer unknown   and if this does not seem much ....          I have stitched then all twice to see how they look on different coloured linen.

I still need a couple more, My projects are on the theme of the Secret Garden, in which in the book the little Robin featured throughout. I have nearly finished a needlebook and have used all three robins on it, this is for a SAL later in the year so wont be able to share it yet, next up a fabric book, which will be a collection of ideas for a bigger project later.

 Hope everyone else who were hermitting during the weekend had great stitching time.

Friday, February 20, 2015


“The woods would be quiet if no bird sang but the one that 

sang best.” 
 Henry van Dyke

Another page has arrived for my fabric book, from Joan I received this delightful small bird and her colour choice makes it a perfect match to go opposite  the one I already had. It is planned that the books should be completed by the end of March

Although no recent posts I have been busy stitching, I have now made 12 Easter eggs for myself along with some I have sent overseas. This one was made using an unfinished ribbon embroidery. Must check and see if any other unfinished piece can be recycled.  Still need to make my two for Jan but I can report that Caitlin has completed one of hers, it was Guild meeting on Tuesday night and she spent the evening  making it, for my part   I  Buttonhole stitched round the edge of my book pages, stitched with one strand of floss which made a nice edge without creating a ridge.            I have also been researching inspiration and ideas for SAL for stitching friends later in the year and this weekend is International Hermits Stitch Weekend and I plan to stitch some of the Cross stitch Robin's I have collected  I need to stitch the charts  to see if they will not only fit the space in my design but also look  as I think they will. Have you every stitched a chart to be disappointed in that it does not look as good as the picture. I also need a variety of size motifs too
  So do check back next week to see what I have stitched.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” 
 Vincent van Gogh

I did complete all four pages for Stitching friend's challenge in January, although the deadline is March, while I was free of other commitments it was good having the time to work on them. The last page was for Heather she had chosen NZ trees for her book and I wanted to stitch the flower from one that possibly others would not have thought of, hoping she might get a nice variety in her book. I decided on the tree fuchsia.  I have always enjoyed finding these tiny blooms in the bush. This time the technique I decided to stitch was silk shading and I am quite pleased with my effort on the leaves however after that....think its more like needle painting  as I added extra stitches to complete the flower and buds.  It was not as easy to mount the piece on the required background maybe I should have thought of this and made another choice.

 here is the result of my research and the  design stage

The design transferred to the silk fabric ,

 and a start on the silk shading of the leaf

February is now here and the list of what I would like to stitch is far too long. decisions!  decisions !
 I will let you know later what I decide.