Sunday, October 27, 2013


Although all days are equally long regardless of the season,
some days are long not only seasonally but by rewards they offer.”
Dejan Stojanovic
My other entry in   the Embroiderers Guilds Regional Exhibition "COLOUR OF THE SEASONS" which opened today was this needle roll which I had entered  in the needlework accessories section.  It was a really fun piece to design and stitch. Inspired by Just Nan's Lady Scarlet's Scissor Roll which being a limited edition was not available in New Zealand  and so I just had to design my own,  here is what I created .. Little Mouse explores the seasons. 
There is a Roll for pins at one end with a pocket for my scissors. 
I use Doctor Flannel for my needle page and  the weave is suitable for cross stitch and its fun to add a little stitching on it.
 I found the tiniest mouse button to go on top of the padded roll and if you look again at the top picture you will see I have a mouse bead on the fastener. This piece will later go to Caitlin but meanwhile its mine to enjoy and I certainly will as it won first prize in the Needlework Accessories section and $100. That I love!
 Recently I stitched another needleroll, it was designed by my very good friend Ann Brocas for the 2011 Coromandel guild retreat, I stitched it for a special birthday gift for Annette of California Stitcher and as I was running late getting it in the post I did not wait for good weather to get some photos. however if you visit Annette's blog here you can see what I stitched and yes I have a little extra touch on the flannel there too.
 The post also brought me a parcel, I was one of three to receive gifts from Gracie of   Needles, Pins and Dragonflies She was celebrating her bloganiversary.
a pumpkin pin cushion in Autumn colours some fun material  and Hardanger snowflake kit... that will be something Caitlin and I will stitch together, she is ready to learn something new, so thank you Gracie for your gift it will be enjoyed.
 We are almost at a new month so if I get busy and finish the construction of "Strawberries so faire "I can start a new project with the new month........ I have so many on my list of want to do.. oh where do I start......well that will be revealed next month
 happy stitching everyone.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Dare to dream for dreamers see tomorrow,
 dare to make a wish,
for wishing makes way for hope.
Ron Cristian
I really did hermit for the weekend, lots of progress. here is where I finished Strawberries so faire a month ago, sadly I had to frog the section across the bottom before I could start for the weekend.
 At the end of the weekend, I had completed all the stitching ready for construction and also had finished the last of my four Latvian coasters this needed the foursided stitch and the Danish picot edge.
The Latvian coaster are my entry for the "COLOURS OF THE SEASON" The Regional Embroidery guilds Exhibition that opens at the end of this week. I stitch four coasters one for each season , these were designed by my friend Ann Brocas and I just loved stitching them. Here is the full set with the colours I selected for them.
Spring- think of Daffodils-DMC 3852 3821 522 520
Summer- old roses-DMC 3835 3836 3011 3013
Autumn- Marigolds - DMC 3853 3854 838 3828

Winter cool crisp days.-DMC 931 932 645 647
Which one do you like best ? I will share my other entry in a later posting.
 Did other Hermits get plenty of stitching done during the weekend am off to check.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams.
Marie Curie
My home has lovely fragrances through out the rooms at present, all week I have been picking bunches of Daphne burkwoodii, this is my favourite Daphne and I have two large bushes  that allow me to pick many bunches to share with friends  giving me great pleasure. And I have a large bunch on the table near my chair sharing its sweet scent with me as I stitch.

I have also picked  for myself a bunch of lilac this year it has been badly beaten by the heavy winds and rain of the past week but that has not taken its sweet fragrance

 This time of the year has so many rewards and I am also enjoying a vase of Lily of the valley that I picked yesterday, as its fragrance is much softer I have put it in my bedroom and what a delight to enjoy when I enter the room.

This weekend is International Hermit and Stitch Weekend and my plans are to finish the last of the four Latvian coasters I have been stitching, mount a piece of embroidery for myself...... it has been waiting for quite a while and to do some more stitching on Strawberries so faire, that's after I have done some frogging on that piece, it is so maddening  to find one is one stitch out!!!!!

Progress report at the end of the weekend. happy stitching to all other Hermits for the weekend.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Use what talents you possess.
 the woods would be very silent if no birds sang but the best.
Henry Van Dyke.

My September page at last, I did not get a chance to photograph it before I went away, however here is it now... At the top of have some pattern darning, the bottom row is Swedish darning stitch and if you look closely at my beetle I have included some darning in him as well, the plain darning that we used years ago to darn holes in socks or jumpers.
The second technique this month is stump work, these faces are from the very first workshop I attended to learn this work.... Oh so many years ago..

The reason for my trip to Wellington was to attend the Wearable Art Awards show, and it was WOW, really awesome, we had great seats and able to see all the costumes close up and yet still able to see all the rest of the performance on the stage. I guess it was like seeing a fashion show, ballet and a circus all at once.
 Since I have been home I have been stitching one of those mystery projects that you have to keep secret however it is at last in the post... so soon the secret will be out. I am now finishing the second of my entries for the Embroiderers Guild Regional exhibition.
 I still have Rachel's present to stitch but I plan to do it the next IHSW and there are a few ideas going round in my mind, I need to organise myself a few more hours.
 Hope you are all getting plenty of stitching time.